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DropZa - Dropshipping Automation Software

DropZa is the ultimate dropshipping automation software built on the combination of best market practices and top MPS techniques to help streamline the organization, management, and automation of your dropshipping business. Consider it your trusty digital hub of operations for cost-efficient dropshipping that reaches a wider audience of clients and brings higher sales.

DropZa eliminates pains and smoothes out workflows, which may as well be just what you are looking for in terms of your dropshipping management routine.

Reasons to Choose DropZa

Optimize business processes and structure workflows all-around - streamline your dropshipping management by automating order data processing and accounting.

Expand eCommerce operations and market outreach - employ convenient dropshipping product imports and exports across a multitude of supported platforms.

Seamless integration with ShipHero/ShipStation - centralize order fulfillment by connecting third-party ShipHero/ShipStation-integrated dropshipping solutions to DropZa.

Custom integrations for maximum performance - DropZa team is ready to take on the creation of any fitting custom integration tailored to your specific business tasks.

The next level of eCommerce - DropZa gives you an essential opportunity to scale up your eCommerce dropshipping by equipping it with an advanced, versatile DropZa software.

How DropZa Makes Your Life Easier


  • Easily import and customize products from any source you need, centralizing supplier interactions and automating dropship inventory management in one place;
  • Rapidly export products for sale across different types of partner-stores (like Shopify stores and other eCommerce platforms);
  • Flexibly process orders and payments and keep everything in place and running with handy order tracking and automated orders;
  • Seamlessly import orders to ShipHero/ShipStation and connect with other third-party integrations;
  • Save time and money with automated dropshipping tools and optimize your eCommerce business further with centralized, balanced dropshipping performance.

Features for Store Owners

Creation of dropshipping orders

  • Add custom product images and set multiple options to pick from;
  • Create custom packing slips that translate your brand attributes;
  • Manage preferences with order/product title, description, and markup customizations.

Dropshipping management

  • Universal integration with marketplaces for centralized order distribution;
  • A handy product volume-based discount system and manually customized discounts;
  • Notifications about unpaid invoices via email, payment history tracking, and automatically generated invoices;
  • Specialized store owner dashboard with readings and order processing overviews;
  • Store owner location-based VAT charges;
  • A specialized Profit Calculation tool for insightful order management;
  • Centralized delivery pricing data by shipping locations;
  • Fast store/merchant data customizations right in the product to dropshipFast store/merchant data customizations right in the product to dropship.

Admin panel features

  • Add multiple images to pick from for every order;
  • Select recommended image sizes that fit your orders perfectly;
  • Integrate with ShipStation/ShipHero for automated orders exporting and fulfillment updates;
  • Manage shipping prices by target locations and use a Discount Shipping tool for automated discounts based on the product volume;
  • Manage currencies via dedicated tools;
  • Generate order artworks automatically, download them straight from the admin panel and upload them to Google Drive, Dropbox, or Amazon S3;
  • Download artworks manually to re-upload them to the printing firmware;
  • Monitor tasks in real time;
  • Generate and manage Layers, Products, and Product variations in one place;
  • Manage orders, customers, and affiliates in a centralized manner, too;
  • Use convenient messaging with merchants (either manual or automated);
  • Manage separate product charts, like Color, Brand, Size, and Category charts;
  • Control system settings easily.

DropZa - How it Works

get dropza app
Get the DropZa app
organize orders
Organize orders and manage dropshipping
launch shipping
Launch dropshipping and fulfillment across connected stores
Get the DropZa app
Get the DropZa app

Download the DropZa app from the Shopify AppStore and integrate it with your existing Shopify-powered store.

Organize orders and manage dropshipping
Organize orders and manage dropshipping

DropZa gives you a set of dropshipping automation software tools for seamless, accelerated, and all-around improved dropshipping management.

Launch dropshipping and fulfillment across connected stores
Launch dropshipping and fulfillment across connected stores

Use DropZa as your dropship management software hub, customize and expand while centralizing product sourcing and fulfilling orders across multiple stores at once.

Integration Scheme

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