The most frequently asked questions about PoD integrations

FAQ Print on Demand

The most frequently asked questions about PoD integrations include:

What is Podza? Is it a complete product that covers all my needs, or is it a highly focused functionality that serves strictly specific tasks?

PoDZa is an ultimate all-in-one solution to help you tackle the major Print on Demand management tasks and goals in a systematic fashion. Integrated directly with your eCommerce, it gives all the tools you need to efficiently manage PoD products, order fulfillment, warehousing, and more in one place.
At the same time, it has an opportunity to expand the basic functionality to meet your business needs. We can add or remove any feature, tool, or element you wish. On top of that, we can help you make efficient adjustments based on your particular format of work (B2B or B2C), business scale, and workflow specifics.

How fast are you able to launch the Podza product?

After you have paid for the license, we will need 2-3 weeks for the product setup and go through Shopify approval process for publishing our PodZa on Shopify app Store under your brand.

If primarily you need customization of Podza, integrations, etc., then the launch dates will shift accordingly.

How do you bill out hours and monthly fee?

  • Once a month, you will have to pay the standard monthly fee.
  • For additional development, we issue an invoice at the end of the month.
  • Only for the first month of cooperation, we request 50% prepayment for additional development.

What other expenses can I expect in the future? More specifically, if something "breaks", will I incur a fee/hourly rate to fix the issue? Or would that be covered under the monthly fee? 

It will depend on what kind of "breaks" we will face. If the problem arises for a reason within our control, then the monthly fee will cover those issues.

Does the monthly/annual fee have a bandwidth/usage limit? 

  • Bandwidth 50Tb per month, it should be completely enough for e-commerce application like Podza, but if we notice it is expired someday we’ll extend the hosting plan next month.
  • There is no usage limit. As long as your app is presented in Shopify app store, and you pay the monthly fee. 

Is there a contractual length of service I'd be agreeing to upfront?

We will sign White Label Agreement. The agreement is valid as long as the monthly fee is paid.

If you have any other question, or you are eager to discuss your next project details, just contact us and we will gladly answer all your questions.