2024 Print on Demand in Canada and USA: Business Culture, Trends & Forecasts

Every time on the eve of presidential elections, many entrepreneurs threaten the authorities with leaving for Canada if their preferred candidate doesn’t win. The fact is that this country is one of the best for doing business, although it relies heavily on the USA economy. Multi-Programming Solutions figured out how reasonably it is to invest in a POD startup and how e-commerce trends affect sales in the countries with the most powerful economies. 

Thinking about the launch of print on demand in Canada, it’s worthy of note that in 2007, this country avoided the collapse of the banking system that hit the USA and Europe. Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Nova Scotia, and Bank of Montreal escaped financial aid and remained profitable. A similar situation is observed now: in July 2020, the Canadian economy grew by 0.7%. Due to the low incidence of coronavirus, there’s every chance of recovering. In the USA, the economy returned to its previous position with a value of 33.4%. That was the best growth rate since 2003. 

These countries continue to stay afloat regardless of the external political situation. The level of morbidity is evidence of the unique business culture at the head of hierarchy, equality, and fairness. Read on how these principles are essential in T-shirt printing on demand in Canada and the USA and what trends determine the business environment.

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Canada business culture

2024 trends of e-commerce in the US

POD trends in USA and Canada

Forecasts to use in your print on demand startup


Most entrepreneurs in Canada often strongly identify with their province. Nevertheless, their mentality has one thing in common: they’re straightforward, which means that you don’t have to decipher the hidden meaning in messages. 

Canadian culture is a mixture of American, British and French trends. For example, pitches inherent in the first two cultures border on courtesy and sincerity when a double kiss on the cheek is allowed, no matter how well you know the interlocutor. Before negotiations, you’ll have to study the company's hierarchical structure because managers always decide only after a preliminary discussion of the proposal with subordinates. The meetings with the suppliers are better to schedule on Tuesdays-Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Appointment requests can be made by telephone or email, followed by an Outlook reminder.

Small businesses make up 98.0% of all employer businesses in Canada, with a substantial economic impact. At the same time, every tenth business provided half of its total sales through the Internet. A fifth of the enterprises reported an increase in revenue.

As more businesses are converting their operations online and employees to a hybrid work model, there has been an increase in the adoption of various technologies. For example, the large marketplace amazon.com dominates the online trading space. The Amazon.ca e-commerce net sales rank, compared to all other stores is 19th. Currently, print on demand profits on Amazon Canada are likely to grow, with online sales on the platform reaching approximately $118,605 in 2020. In 2023, net sales were $127,024. 

Print on demand fulfillment in Canada is also promising to be faster with 46 warehouses, logistics, and delivery points. Tracking the delivery process, invoicing, and conducting business correspondence with each customer and supplier can be challenging at times. Therefore, many entrepreneurs work on frameworks that automate all business processes on different platforms and countries, including Canada. Read about trends in print on demand USA e-commerce below.

For a USA POD store to prosper, it’s imperative to follow the country's retail trends. The e-commerce industry is constantly changing, and this year has been no different. More than ever, merchants are creating and improving their digital businesses to meet customers where they’re. We’ve narrowed the list of new products to the main ones that are already affecting the company.

pwa development

Augmented reality (AR) 

AR has completely changed the rules of the game in the trading world. During the quarantine, it became essential for users to see volumetric and realistic images of goods. This technology enhances the shopping experience in industries like decor or apparel and allows you to experience the product while sitting at home. 

We advise you to start small: for example, develop 3D models of your print on demand on Etsy. That will increase the popularity of products in your online store and enhance the reality of online shopping.

Voice search

More and more people are using smart speakers and voice assistants on mobile devices. According to forecasts, 75% of USA households will own smart speakers by 2025. Using voice search significantly saves users' time spent on entering text. For entrepreneurs, this means that it’s time to develop SEO and strive for the first lines of SERP. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI allows you to improve your shopping experience by collecting and analyzing personal data. That's a technology that cannot be replicated in a physical store. It’ll be able to unmistakably offer personalized products to customers, evoking genuine emotions in them. Read more about being in trend in the Canada and USA print on demand market.

In 2020, the global custom apparel market was valued at $3.64 billion but was forecast to grow 9.7% annually. In North American countries such as the USA and Canada, the demand for T-shirts has always been high due to the outdoor game's popularity. In addition, partnerships with print on demand USA suppliers such as Vistaprint, Entripy, Get Bold, Mad Monkey Apparel, and Ottawa Custom Clothing will help implement strategies to increase their market shares. The merger of companies has become the latest trend of the last two years, as it expands the sphere of influence and preserves the business.

First-class customer experience has become an aspect of competition. For example, the Canada POD dropshipping model often uses gifts for minimum value orders.

Thousands of companies launch innovative products every year, resulting in a crowded sales market. To boost demand and increase conversions, many entrepreneurs began to resort to placing a logo on their products without open marketing. For instance, wherever the branded T-shirt owner goes, other prospects will notice the message, attracting even more valuable attention. In addition, over the past few years, Canadian POD businesses have realized the importance of building a solid corporate culture. Logo T-shirts serve as an additional emotional connection with the company and increase a sense of brand loyalty. 

Sustainability for the sake of preserving the planet and biodiversity has recently become even more popular: 48% of USA consumers are willing to change their consumption habits to protect the environment. They've become pickier about the materials the product is made from, its delivery, and processing.

Quick-to-implement marketing strategies that will instantly upgrade your print on demand marketing

Print on demand forecasts depend on several variables that influence demand:


People from all around the world have different needs and expectations. That should be considered when you’re launching a new product line or offering free shipping.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are undeniably profitable. But it's crucial to analyze the periods when prospects will need your product the most.

Types of products

The niche market, which we’ve already mentioned in the blog, affects the demand of a specific audience segment. 

pod usa


To maintain consistent sales, you need to consider the competitiveness of the marketplace. Innovative products will help you stay at the top of the most demanded entrepreneurs.

The POD business future depends on the leading generation: today, generation Z and millennials are the demand regulators. Earlier, we’ve already talked about what awaits the industry in future. Still, it’s worth adding the following aspects: online shopping continues to gain traction given the need for social distancing. 

  1. The flow of new products on the market will grow, while obsolete goods will be improved and refined.
  2. As the world continues to live in a pandemic, home and lifestyle goods will remain in the spotlight.
  3. For an entrepreneur, a dynamically growing market promises to work on a more adaptable platform.
  4. Omnichannel and process automation will become a trend in 2024.
  5. Collecting reviews and online reputation has been an integral strategic step that has been applied for decades since the Internet's founding.

An overview of market trends forecasts helps businesses become more flexible and stay afloat even during the country's unstable political and economic status. 

Valuable information based on research and statistics is essential for business development. Knowing the cultural characteristics of the people, taking into account their mentality, and predicting market trends, you can successfully sell the goods in different countries. Read about how things are in Canada and the USA in this article.

Marketing & SalesOctober 18, 2021
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