Applying the latest web design trends to print on demand business

Graphic design is a crucial element of the client's perception of your website. Professional-looking, eye-catching, and stylish web design allows intensifying the client's inflow into the print on demand industry. In 2023, retrowave and minimalism became the leading web design trends for print on demand sites that followed modern fashion influences. The necessity of creating your own, unique web design for POD business allows you to make your brand recognizable among others while fully emphasizing its uniqueness. Print on demand services is a highly flexible and agile asset that requires creativity and aspiration to stand out. The following material will give you some ideas about the leading web design trends for print on demand businesses and how you can use them to your advantage.

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Top 10 latest web design trends

The power of color and design element use

Web design as a tool to attract and retain POD customers


Website design trends 2023 are highly volatile and change along with the recent fashion industry trends. Site design equals a successful business card, ZD Blog explains. In cases of business-to-business communications, the digital world gives you only one try at reaching your potential customers before they are placing an order. The research of decent and most in-demand templates revealed the following trends for 2023:

1. Retrowave. All is Cyberpunk, and web design is no exception. The 1980s nostalgia, returning fashion trends, and ultra-colorful video games created considerable user’s craving for brightness and saturation. The usual retrowave design implies darker backgrounds, polygonal mountains, 3D figures, and blocky typography fonts. Overall, this design might not be too calm for an average eye, but it definitely creates the feeling of modernity and style. Equally, bright images are the top of a print on demand design.

2. Minimalism. In contrast, minimalistic web designs are calm for an eye, meditational, and restrained. Minimalistic designs are free to interpretation, which is particularly friendly to beginners. Thus, such website designs do not cause controversy or evoke unpleasant emotions as they tend to appeal to the majority of everyday viewers.

3. Realism/3D. 3D elements combined with regular photography look stylish and modern. The recent tattoo and print trends prove that the combination of realistic and 3D elements emphasize the beauty of nature, a human face, or simple everyday things like your favorite coffee cup.

4. Bicolor. The derivative from the minimalist trend, bicolor, is very slim and stylish. The key aspect to this trend is the combination of two colors, one of them is usually much darker than the other. The classic black-and-white web pages have been used regularly by some of the biggest trends like Piaget and Saint Honore.

5. Illustrative Simplicity. Scheme-like illustrations of people, places, and activities are highly in demand as well. Goofy texts, clearly defined shapes and bright colors invoke our inner child and raise the user's mood.

6. Ultra-minimalism. Thin lines, light colors, and slight 3D depth have become a great alternative to retrowave extravaganza. In most cases, few colors and simple geometry create the ultra-minimalistic designs.

7. Retro. If retrowave sends you to the 1980s, retro dates back to the 1900s. Old-fashioned fonts, steampunk elements, and vintage photography have been widely used in barbershops and cafes worldwide. However, you need to be cautious with such designs and never blend them with modern elements that can be disastrous.

8. Asymmetry. Neatly placed pages are balanced in such a manner that one part seems heavier than another. Such a principle allows styling your content in blocks and gives the sandbox website builders much potential to create your unique view.

9. Typography. The combination of bigger and smaller fonts allows the potential reader to catch your design's leading elements. What is more, typographic letters usually look good and can “add weight” to the overall page design.

10.  Dark Mode. The recent update to the Gucci page proves that dark mode is not a mere feature in your Windows but the recent trend. The creation of dark illustrations on the dark backgrounds allows your eyes to rest yet creates a highly saturated picture.

Colors are everywhere. They are an integrated part of our lives, they move us towards decisions, push us forward and motivate us. Color is something we always think about: when choosing clothes, running through some webpage, painting your room, etc. Well, that is why colors are vital for your website and should be well-thought.

Color design and elements allow you to make your message clearer and more attractive to a potential viewer. Thus, if your website is more about fun and style, you can opt for retrowave, illustrative simplicity, and 3D realism. If you wish to add weight to your words and messages, you can choose minimalism, typography, and bicolor. If design and fashion are your second names, focus on those from fashion brands like bicolor, retro, and dark modes. Thus, the color palette and its style allow you to show how you position your brand, its core vision, and how others perceive it.

website image ideas

Apart from the products you offer, POD services heavily rely on your business image. So, if your website is looking attractive and modern, there is a high chance it will be famous among even more users. The potential clients wish to see your unique and curious design that provides an impression about your possibilities and creativity. Therefore, the necessity of using unique graphic content for your website is highly important as demand for your POD products depends on how you position your company. While quality is definitely a number one principle for success, the new customers will likely focus on website design to make their conclusion whether your business attracts their minds and wallets.

On a final note, the web design trends of 2023 allow you plenty of ideas to choose from. Firstly, consider the positioning of your brand and the key features. After that, make sure that your brand complies with the selected template to your liking. In the end, explore how you can make your site look unique and fully compliant with the image you wish to position your brand at. The overview in key trends for 2023 showed that retrowave, retro, and minimalism would remain a thing in the nearest time. Their use to your advantage can help you create cutting edge, modern and attractive web design that will help your traffic grow and keep your clients satisfied.

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