6 Best Print-On-Demand Book Companies in 2024

Everyone can publish a book today. And it is not necessary to be a well-promoted writer and work with a large publishing house. Just use print-on-demand books services. It is the perfect opportunity to make your dream come true and see your name on the book cover. In addition, the risks are low compared to the traditional printing system. You do not need to make an upfront investment and store your books without the guarantee of sale and profit. There are many pros to this business model, and we will discuss them below. In this article, you will learn about the best print-on-demand sites for books and find the best option for you.

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Why choose print-on-demand companies for books?

Best 6 print-on-demand book sites: who deserves a place in the TOP and why?


If you have ever worked closely with a publishing house, you know how many stages you need to go through to release at least a few copies of books (not to mention large circulations). Usually, book publishers do not seek to promote beginners and little-known authors because they see no benefit in this. 

It is a big responsibility and a lot of potential risks for them: if the novelty turns out to be not in demand, the company will lose money and tarnish its reputation. The difficulty of finding a publisher who will agree to bring a newcomer to the market may be your first and main disappointment along the way. 

But the print-on-demand model is attractive for beginning authors of books: a comparison with the traditional system clearly demonstrates this. You gain access to the market with no obstacles. But what if you are famous in narrow circles? Then such a business will definitely go uphill, as you will manage publications and demonstrate new items to loyal readers faster. 

In short, here's how it all works:

  • you add the necessary files to the POD company's website following its rules;
  • when a buyer leaves a request, the company publishes this copy (for example, in print on demand, your book is sent to the printer only after the corresponding order is received);
  • The POD publisher will package and ship this copy to the buyer. 

In any case, you do not need to make large investments, adjust to the minimum circulation and the rules of a literary agent, and spend money on printing extra copies (you can even release one copy). In addition, if you suddenly find a typo or an error in the text, you can fix it in real-time. The same if you want to change the content and add something new to your work.

If you are going to make writing your main source of income and intend to promote yourself, such outsourcing will greatly simplify your job. Outsource printing and shipping to professionals to take care of other business priorities. In this case, the control of the publication remains with you. 

So, it's time to get acquainted with the top suppliers of on-demand book printing services. Looking ahead, we admit that some of them work with an electronic format, which opens up wide prospects for you.

Print Design Mistakes You Should Better Avoid


This is perhaps the premier platform for independent authors and publishers. For print-on-demand books, IngramSpark offers options depending on different parameters: size, paper type, color, or cover format. You can realize all your plans in one place by creating both print and e-books. It is also one of the largest networks in the industry: it covers 40,000+ stores (online and offline), e-books sellers, libraries, universities, etc.

  • Product options: e-books, paperbacks, and hardcovers. You choose texture (including exclusive Digital Cloth), binding, paper weight, and ink (black and white, standard, and premium color).
  • Prices: $49 print, $35 electronic, and $49 both. There are calculators to check out the total cost.
  • Opportunities: distribution in different countries, sales reporting, 24/7 support, access to a unique book creation tool and various resources (blog, online courses, podcast, etc.), and discounts.
ingramspark book print on demand


Lulu is also popular among supporters of print-on-demand books. You can publish and sell products both on the platform and directly to the audience on your website. And it doesn’t matter what it is: a single copy or a thousand copies, a printed or electronic publication, a magazine, a comic book, or another genre. Dreamed of comic book printing? Then take your chance! We also recommend that you look into the bookstore and be inspired by the works of promising authors. 

  • Product options: printed (paperback and hardcover) and electronic format. Many genres: magazines, comics, photo books, recipe books, yearbooks, notebooks, and calendars of unique formats.
  • Prices: there is a calculator that helps you find an individual price depending on the type of product and the desired parameters (size, number of pages, ink, paper, binding, and cover). For bulk orders (from 100 to 1000+ copies), 5-15% discounts are provided.
  • Features: create books with 3000+ combinations of formats, sizes, colors, bulk orders, free guides and templates, sale in the store or on the Shopify platform, and integrations with the website through LuluApi.
lulu print on demand books


This website is often included in TOPs and reviews for the best print-on-demand book services. Maybe because it is universal and convenient for everyone? It is very simple to work with: to get started, you need to read a quick guide and select a design template. If you have some issues, you can call or email support. Moreover, it is the only service of this scale that offers customers comprehensive support via the phone line. The quality of publications and the speed of release are also great.

  • Product options: electronic and paper editions, softcover and hardcover, with matte or glossy finishes (customization available). Genres: Fiction, sci-fi, photo books, coloring books, graphic novels, comics, yearbooks, etc. Black and white or full-color printing is available.
  • Prices: $399 for access to a global network of shops and libraries, $99 for a direct-to-reader, $199 for an advertising campaign on social media.
  • Opportunities: offset (for 1000+ copies) and digital printing (1 - 1000 copies), retail and wholesale distribution, cover design, editing, translation, and advertising.
bookbaby print on demand company for books

Amazon KDP

Amazon can be called the most famous representative of the print-on-demand books industry. Just imagine how convenient it is: publish your works following step-by-step instructions and sell them on Amazon and the global network. The authors appreciate the ratio of investments and opportunities. You don't have to spend a lot of money on printing, but you can expect high fees. Earnings from sales in different countries up to 70% of royalties are possible.

  • Product options: electronic and paper editions in paperback (laminate hardcover has also been introduced recently). Genres: Business, Comic, Fiction, Nonfiction, Children's Literature, Novels, Kindle Vella Stories.
  • Prices: Expenses are deducted from fees. The cost depends on the volume, type of ink, and the trading platform. It is calculated automatically according to the parameters. There are also fixed prices, for example, books up to 108 pages, paperback, black ink, Amazon.com will cost $2.15. There are max and min (depending on the royalty rate) list prices.
  • Opportunities: publication in 5 minutes, distribution to stores in 1-2 days, high earnings from sales (royalties up to 70%), keeping you in control of rights and prices, self-publishing for free.
amazon kdp on demand books


It is a reliable option balancing previous platforms. The peculiarity of Blurb is that it is focused on visual and illustrated publications. But even if you do not need images, it makes sense to choose this option because of the high quality of the smallest design elements, such as headings. You can sell in the store, on your website, or third-party websites, including Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Ingram. 

  • Product options: electronic, trade, photo books, notepads, magazines, wall art products. Wide choice of paper types and covers, black and white or color printing.
  • Prices: there is a calculator that considers the size, paper, and cover. For example, 1 photo book of 20 pages, small square, standard paper, and without softcover will cost you $14.99. If you want to remove the logo, add 25% here and get $18.74. This price does not include shipping and taxes.
  • Opportunities: creating visually appealing products in different editions, access to design tools, self-publishing, selling in this store and other platforms.
blurb print on demand books


Print-on-demand book publishing is one of the company’s specializations. It also works with multimedia products (USB, CD, and DVD). Services apply to any genre and print run. Thanks to its unique production system, the company offers the same prices for small and large runs. You can get expert assistance in prepress. Integration with your website will automate all procedures: from order acceptance to updating its status.

  • Product Options: The website does not list specific products, but the company promises to fulfill any wishes in terms of formats and bindings. 
  • Prices: you receive an invoice for printing services when the project is ready.
  • Capabilities: printing and logistics services, offset and digital printing, integration with more than 100 e-commerce platforms, high-quality support.
acutrack print on demand books

We have listed the platforms that are worthy of your attention. They offer many opportunities for your business and self-development, guaranteeing quality prints and good colors. Of course, each option has some limitations and cons, for example, there may be no integration with the website you need. When choosing a print-on-demand fulfillment app, take into account your wishes and financial capabilities.  


What are the most popular print-on-demand sites for books?

All of these services are well-known in their niche and regularly occupy high positions in various ratings. But it's hard to argue that Amazon is one of the most famous platforms related to the self-publishing of books and print-on-demand services. KDP is valued among a multi-million audience of independent authors.

How to become a print-on-demand book publisher?

Choose the most suitable option from the list of print-on-demand book companies based on their terms. Then go to the platform and place your files, following the instructions. You can sell them in the same store, third-party platforms, or your eCommerce website. You can learn about all the conditions, opportunities, and integrations by visiting the website's thematic sections, guides, or FAQ.

What is the cheapest print-on-demand book company?

Amazon has one of the most competitive offerings in the industry. It offers you free self-publish and allows you to manage list prices. Expenses are deducted from your fees. You remain in the black in terms of the cost-to-income ratio. 

What is the average price for printing books on demand?

Pricing varies across platforms and depends on various factors. This applies to parameters (format, size, number of pages, ink, etc.), circulation, and sites where you will publish. Fixed rates, discount systems (for example, for bulk orders), and individual plans also play a significant role. Consider all the factors, use the price calculator, and choose the most profitable option for yourself.

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