How owner’s personality influences the development of print on demand business?

Print on demand is a kind of business where a brand's recognition is everything. As a result, plenty of teams' efforts go into establishing successful print on demand stores. The team's unity, common values, shared vision, and good management equally contribute to the successful print on demand t-shirt companies. The personality highly influences the occupational choices, managerial efficiency, and flexibility of the business, as the Journal of Economic Management Sciences states. One of the attributes of successful entrepreneurs is iron nerves, which makes an individual more stress-resistant. Accordingly, print on demand business model relies heavily on its CEO and depends on the person in charge. The following material aims at estimating what makes a person an entrepreneur and how communication in the creative teams influences business success.

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Logo and authentic style

POD and arts, working with artists

Why founder’s personality matters


Print on demand is profitable, yet it has stiff competition. The creation of your authentic style and, in particular, the logo will be the staple of how an average web surfer will see you. From this viewpoint, it takes no more than 10 seconds for an average customer to decide whether to place the order with you or not. According to the management experts, the infuse of personality into the brand is highly crucial as a personified brand will always be more recognizable. Thus, make sure that your print on demand business owns an individual logo or a well-created signature that will make your brand different from the thousand others. That is how the producers can invoke their potential customers' emotional response and make them invest in their products.

There are several strategic ways of creating your own brand. The definition of your niche, your personal designs instead of reprints creation, and unique idea are some of the few ways of making your logo special. The list of print on demand companies constantly grows with individuals who are not interested in copying common logos from Pinterest, which means the competition level is at its highest. To get your place on the top list, you need to be extremely creative as the buyer nowadays is truly versed. Thereby, your business's representation relies on the brand positioning marked by the creation of a very special and highly recognizable logo.

Working with your creative teams side-by-side is essential for a good POD business, and a successful entrepreneur should keep that in mind. If the dialogue between the artists and top management is poor, it is very hard to improve the profitability of print on demand business. According to Smallbiztrends, unclear company policies is the first step to failure. When your creative team or web designers work on their own without efficient monitoring, they will probably not manage to deliver their job in time. If customers wait for ages to get a response to their issues, they will not return for the second order. If privacy and company morale is low, the team will not last long, and your business future will be in question. That is why the successful print on demand business manager should be able to set the goals, deadlines, and visions straight so that the team would get all the details they need to know. The establishment of an efficient communication model through Telegram, site chat, Zoom, or any other messengers should exist. Additionally, the production line should be well-optimized not to deliver confusing or highly similar print types.

When working with artists, the print on demand business should show high integrity standards. The timely payments, proper monitoring, and clear and concise technical tasks are the keys to success. If the creative team shows low working productivity, an efficient manager should take the issue into their own hands and solve them.

Lastly, the print on demand team should rely on a highly qualified and decisive head. An efficient entrepreneur should have a precise vision of how to start a print on demand t-shirt business. The aspects like sales strategy, profit margins, expected results, and detailed business plan are vital in establishing a successful working model. The case with t-shirt print is particularly showing the creation of the recognizable brand. What is more, a company head themselves can become an emblem associated with the brand overall. That is why a manager's personality plays a vital role in promoting your business.

Story Blog states that your manager can even become your favorite advertising model. Apart from uniting and monitoring your team, an efficient manager inspires by example and can similarly wear company products to advertise them on social media. A fruitful example of Wholesale Ted says it all, just look at the number of their subscribers on YouTube. The cheerful host and fun atmosphere make it possible to advertise print on demand with a familiar face. So, the visual brand representation may come not only in the form of logos but also in characters, YouTube bloggers, other influencers, and teams.

The founder also needs to be an idea-generator. Such personality types should bring new ideas to the team and follow the modern brands to make sure they fall in line with companies' products. The recent trend with all-over prints explains why a t-shirt store might require additional equipment to alter the visual product style. Definitely, not everything depends on a single person in the print on demand team. Still, the majority of important steps are made by the smaller part of the larger crowd.

Thus, we see that the owner's personality plays a big role in print on demand business. As POD is highly volatile and agile, so should be the company founder. An efficient print on demand entrepreneur should be full of ideas yet have a clear vision of how to achieve them. While they may not be the ones who bring new designs to the team, they should follow popular trends and boost companies' profits. In the end, print on demand managers should be a curious personality themselves to be the face of their team and the best advertiser of their services. 

Marketing & SalesFebruary 22, 2021
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