How to Start a Yoga Mat Print on Demand Business

In the stressful and fast-paced world that we live today, many people are looking for proven and salutary methods to keep their mental and physical state in healthy condition. Yoga is one of the most ancient body and mind practices in the world, which used to be one of the key points of Indian culture and history. Eventually, the most peaceful art of exercise conquered the entire planet and, virtually, became the most popular kind of exercise with over 300 million devoted yogis worldwide and approximately 36 million in the States. 

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Yoga mat market size and shape

How to Make Your Own Yoga Mat Print on Demand Business


Yoga passed a long and challenging way to reach its audience and popularity. First introduced to Americans at the end of the 19th century, it drew a huge amount of interest and excitement alongside some great portion of hostility. However, yoga was destined to shape up the attitude of people toward their mental and physical health in a completely unique way. Nowadays, this worldwide phenomenon is also a skyrocketing trend in the fitness market and attracts not only eager disciples but also many adventurous entrepreneurs. While some people still keep sceptical about yoga as an entrepreneurial business, the revenue of the yoga market globally is forecast to reach more than 66$ billion by 2027. Besides empowering people with remarkably helpful skills for their lives and health improvements, yoga is also a rapidly developing industry with a diversity of ways to benefit financially such as print on demand yoga products and others. One of the main things every modern yogi requires nowadays is a mat and starting yoga mats business gets more popular with every new yogi out there as everyone can try to design a yoga mat. 

Obviously, yoga used to be performed just on the bare ground conventionally. But mat practices allow people to perform better and more effectively in their yoga activities. Needless to say that yoga beginners will enjoy their practices more exercising on the mats and will more likely stay in the community without experiencing any discomfort during the practice. Selling yoga mats is not only a fantastic opportunity to support yogis worldwide, but it is also an increasingly popular business. There are many places that sell yoga mats of different quality and costs: 

  • BalanceFrom
  • Manduka
  • Ningbo Pidegree Rubber Plastic Industry 
  • See Green Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Famosa Corp. and many other

These companies are market whales, supplying customers worldwide with all kinds of yoga mats. However, the more people are out there joining the yoga practice community, the more diverse requests to the yoga equipment they bring into the industry. And, thus, providing custom designed yoga mats becomes more popular as all yogis are individuals, too, and practising on a customized mat contributes a lot to the overall exercise success.

Predictions for print on demand industry

From the idea of how to start a yoga mat business to the launch of the print on demand yoga mat service, there are several important steps to take in order to hit the market filled with mass-market providers. Delivering custom yoga mats service is a great opportunity to stand out on the market and attract lots of customers and higher revenue, respectively. Let’s see what stages your print on demand yoga mats business plan should include. 

yoga mat design
  1. Creating design of your print on demand yoga mats. At this point, you are free to loose your creativity and imagination, keeping in mind some of the main industry trends though. The yoga mat colour palette has literally no limits, although colors which are closer to the natural tones can be more popular among you yogi customers. As they are going to see their mats really close and often and having it colored in some coral-red can be annoying for their eyes and, thus, disturb them from their practice. If you want to create your own yoga mat that will meet many clients requirements, you need to conduct some research on the main yoga principles, symbols, and values system to make a list of prints that will inspire and motivate your customers to progress. If you like yoga practice, but are not sure about how to make yoga mats, you can briefly interview your yoga acquaintances to find their thoughts on this topic. Starting a yoga mat business, you can always embrace any bold idea and design your own yoga mat with a unique logo and patterns. Become and artist and create true art on yoga mats that noone has seen before!
  2. Find printer’s partner. When you come up with your yoga mat design ideas, it is high time for you to search for a reliable and qualified on demand printing services provider. Be careful and don’t go for the first option you find on the Internet. Don’t be afraid to seem too annoying asking numerous relevant questions, check each manufacturer’s pros and cons, clients’ feedbacks, specify the costs and production time of different mat designs, and make sure you have enough information before picking a supplier. You certainly need to cooperate with a printing agency that works with different material types especially with high-quality synthetic thermoplastic foam, which your yoga mats are made from. An eye-popping design is not the only thing that makes a good yoga mat, your printer’s partner must be experienced in this sphere and offer the best solutions for starting your print on demand yoga mats business right.
    Best 10 Print-On-Demand Sites: Big Comparison
  3. Sell yoga mats using eCommerce platforms. Once you have mats designs and a printer’s partner behind your belt, you can move forward to promote your products on online shopping platforms. With the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, users became much more active online shoppers and getting more print on demand yoga mats Shopify customers became easier and more relevant for online sellers. There is no need for you to establish an offline location where your clients could come buy a yoga mat as you will save their time and money by offering them a fully customized product generator online. So they could order uniquely designed yoga mats for their specific practice purposes without leaving their homes. Moreover, running any dropshipping business with the print on demand yoga mats requires from you only clear communication with the clients and the suppliers once you successfully completed the two previous goals. 
  4. Get profit. To make sure your yoga mats will leave the warehouses and travel to their happy owners you need to customize the promotion campaigns and payment systems. So that your clients would only need to make a couple of clicks to order yoga mats of their dreams. Stay positive, motivated, and always keep the connection with your customers. You have done a great job when you launched print on demand yoga mats to sell online and you deserve to draw income from your business. Remember that this trend is propelling up every year attracting more users that you can always help with a new custom designed yoga mat!

Sales KPIs and Performance Metrics for Your POD Business

Yoga is all about concentration on some particular states and emotions. It teaches people to focus on gaining their aims. Now that you know how to create a yoga mat print on demand production business you can achieve your boldest business aims and make some outstanding profit on helping yogis around the globe with their everyday practices. 

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