POD Businesses Growth and Marketing Channels You Might be Missing

Making T-shirts on demand has become a viral activity in 2023. And all because the concept of demand has changed, the retail market has been reborn into eCommerce, and the established canons of doing business have come to naught. Fortunately, new opportunities for integration into other consumer markets have opened up for entrepreneurs. 

Expanding the user experience across all platforms and devices means continuous engagement, regardless of location. But how do you choose marketing channels that would bring beneficial results? 

When opening your business to the world, it's essential to establish starting points. By comparing the results you'll understand how much your business has improved. Do your products generate interest even if you do nothing to attract traffic? Are the prices too high? Does the brand resonate with the target audience? Spend the next month focusing on attracting convertible traffic, and you'll get answers. 

To bring your store to life, we've compiled the top print on demand companies' most used tactics to help you focus on the right resources. 

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Our list of ideas


Before we get into ideas, let us dispel some myths about digital marketing channels. So, this term covers all types of online marketing channels: video, email newsletters, relevant content, social media, SEO, PPC, display advertising, and mobile marketing.

It is believed that this is expensive and doesn't provide the proper ROI without introducing real retail outlets. But this is far from the truth: global reach, high focus, and personalization allow you to effectively interact with the audience in real-time. The sales in retail trade fell, and the economy acquired an entirely new meaning for obvious reasons. Now e-commerce provides a direct communication channel between the seller and the buyer and includes instant and measurable results. 

Any business, including POD, receives traffic from 8 primary sources:

  • Organic from search results
  • Direct from targeted search
  • Referral when people click on links on third-party sites
  • Paid search, i.e., through advertisements
  • Social through social networks
  • Mailing
  • Display through the banners in Google Ads
  • Other traffic that Google Analytics cannot recognize

Accordingly, each position is tied to specific channels, that is, distributors of your products. The three main functions of marketing channels are: buying products for resale, distributing them, and supporting sales through financing and other services.

Each business is different, so when choosing the most effective types of digital marketing campaigns, you need to consider the following factors:

  1. What are your business goals?
  2. Where is your target audience? (by the way, you can read about this here)
  3. What's your budget?

Marketing channels for small business 

Social networks

That is just a gold mine for those ready to submit their products to a broad audience. At first, you don't even have to pay for grapevine: all you need is more friends and influencer connections. Stay tuned for new platforms! For example, the unicorn Clubhouse is gaining momentum in the development of trading strategies. So if you decide to sell there, then most likely, you may become a pioneer! The potential of TikTok for the print on demand business is also huge: Gen Z and millennials are successfully monetizing such goods. 

One of the most powerful traffic generators is Facebook. Its Dynamic Product Ads tool allows you to engage potential buyers with advertisements for niche products. Entrepreneurs could fine-tune their targeting, create highly competitive ads, and adapt campaigns to the sales funnel. The DPA is guided by user actions and interests, not keywords as on other platforms. 

TIP: Look out for Collection Ads designed for mobile marketing. It allows you to showcase your product line without cluttering the newsfeed space. Facebook Dollar Shave Club indicates that the brands use this tool to increase their subscriptions by 1.5% and reach 1.6 million potential buyers.

How to use Facebook marketing for print on demand business

Instagram is also not losing its popularity and has been the default trading platform for several years now. Instagram Ads gives the entrepreneur access to over 1 billion users. Try Video Post Ads, Story Ads, Carousel Ads, and Shoppable Collection Ads.

Pinterest marketing is somehow unfairly underestimated. You see, when users are looking for a T-shirt, an unusual suit, an ornate pillowcase - whatever, most likely they visit Pinterest. Of course, mainly women, who have a decent income "dwell" on this platform. The main idea of advertising is scrapbooking, where people save exciting things on their boards. That is how the ThirdLove (manufacturer of women's clothing) works. It redirects users to a page that looks similar. 

Relevant content

Besides PPC campaigns, a marketing growth strategy involves creating niche content that leverages your brand personality. Tell your stories not only on social networks but also in the site blog on the site.

Thus, optimize your content, ensure your site is performing correctly on search engines. That will endear crawlers and users to you while increasing their trust in your brand. 

Email newsletter

Many people think that emailing is ineffective. Nevertheless, it allows you to track your target audience's behavior and to increase brand awareness by reminders. To create a list of addresses, place CTA elements on your site: offer discount codes, PDF brochures, filling out forms, subscriptions, etc. The people who interacted with you earlier are prospects that can be converted into buyers.

Email campaign ideas that will bring more sales to your print on demand business

In the PodZa framework, there is a brand management function that provides for building brand development tactics and adheres to competition. The tool helps to consolidate the brand name in the consumer's mind. No, don't be alarmed; there is no violence here. The personality of an entrepreneur and a brand, product personalization are the aspects that PodZa is guided by. 

digital marketing channels types


Google Shopping Campaigns 

This tool is significantly generating targeted leads with high buying intent.

Google Dynamic Search Ads 

DSAs are campaigns customized according to a search query while helping to fill in missing keywords. Such ads are best for those who don't update their assortment daily.

Google Responsive Search Ads 

RSAs allow you to automatically optimize text, headings, images. The tool increases advertising efficiency and attracts more buyers.

Google Remarketing Campaigns

Use this tool to re-engage people who have earlier interacted with your business. That will add brand awareness or remind them to buy.

Video marketing 

When making a purchasing decision, users usually rely on video! A video content that plays a critical role in brand promotion in 2023 - the likelihood of a video appearing in SERP is 50 times higher than on pages with only text content and photos. To achieve broader engagement, run your channel on YouTube. That is the leading global platform where video can be monetized: users spend more than a billion hours here every day. Repost these videos on social networks - this way, you’ll kill two birds with one stone. Such tactics increase influence and credibility than just written words. 


In a targeted search, people usually enter their location along with the keyword. Aim your ads to this region, and you'll receive the lion's share of orders from there. 

Revise your supplier map: if some are close to your target audience, why not cooperate with them? This way, by prioritizing the locals, you can expand your trade.

How to Use Market Segmentation in Reaching Your Target Audience?

Company growth largely depends on the entrepreneur, more precisely understanding the development of an online store. Implementing all sorts of strategies aimed at omnichannel allows you to quickly promote your brand without spending a lot of time and money on it. Of course, there is nowhere without PPC. Still, if you're a beginner entrepreneur or don't have enough budget, it's entirely possible to do with the social networks' promotion, launching a brand channel on YouTube, writing relevant content. PodZa wishes you the best in your endeavors! Don't just stand there; make it happen.

May 31, 2021
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