Print on Demand Success Stories for Motivation and POD Business Growth

Competition is the backbone of American industry, generating great victories and high-profile failures. The more knowledge you have about different niches, the more chances you take to exploit developmental opportunities. 

Like any other business, print on demand success stories allow entrepreneurs to explore a competitor's sales funnel. The extracted strategy can be tested on your audience, simulating the already known recipe for success. Here's how you can learn more about what your rivals are doing and whether it’s worth taking the same approach in your business.

Identify your rivals 

To make your print on demand success story a reality, start with an idea. You can discover ingenious solutions from the best niche representatives: analyze their advertisements, landing pages, additional services. Most likely, they spent a lot of money on A/B testing of every website component! Try to simulate the same strategy on your product. 

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Use tools to analyze display ads. WhatRunsWhere will display which ad works best; SimilarWeb will identify the sources of the most traffic. Determine what key phrases a site is ranking for the search engine with SEMrush. Of course, there are many alternatives to such programs, e.g., Google Analytics.

Test the sales funnel

"Hacking the funnel" is a step-by-step transition to each landing page leading to some action. In trying out the path, it’s worth incorporating the help of former employees who previously worked for your competitors. After all, they had to spend a lot of resources to create a profitable strategy. Once you begin modeling what they're doing, your business will grow like a hockey stick.


Your products must be available for international purchases - this will determine the degree of business prosperity. The print on demand services you use or integrate with your Shopify store is undeniably leveraging to streamline workflows and take customer engagement to the next level. Multi-Programming Solutions figured out where to start and how some of the world's famous POD entrepreneurs came to success.

Table of contents

1. Velmost

2. Ahavti LifeStyle

3. Afro Unicorns

4. Famous in Real Life

5. Imouri (formerly known as Sugoi Shirts)


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Alejandro Giraldo from Medellin, Colombia, has been working in the art industry for a long time, starting his career as a freelance designer for many well-known brands. Soon, he grew up to be a staff illustrator and art director in the office. But he dreamed of something more that he was not afraid to realize. That's how the brand Velmost was born, inspired by the sea and romance, full of love for illustration and typography. 

The designer pays great attention to details that create comfort for the consumer. The brand's competitive edge is soft fabrics, quality screen printing, unique themed designs, and even packaging. Alejandro prefers beautiful photoshoots for online promotion. An integral part of this successful print on demand business is an individual style of clothing that has become international and well recognized worldwide.

The entrepreneur advises to constantly publish in the showcase new designs targeted at a narrow audience segment: “somebody somewhere will love it and buy it.”

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Being a mom of four is a full-time job, but Liora Goren managed to find the time to be creative and launch a breakthrough Etsy store. Like any other business, print on demand success stories begin with hard work: since 2007, a woman after the first pregnancy ran a children's boutique where she bit by bit absorbed industry knowledge and sales skills. Soon, taking care of the baby took a priority position, and the young mother had to sell her own business. 

Liora has devoted many years to raising children while developing a family business - holiday homes in Jerusalem. But in 2017, after the fourth pregnancy, she decided to plunge into creativity. The main task was to launch a business that doesn’t take much time to manage. That's how eCommerce was replenished with another unique store called Ahavti LifeStyle. It sells personalized gifts and home decor items. The replenishment of the showcase with new products took place after a brainstorming session with her husband, who gave impetus to the creation of the famous bath rugs and curtains with the «Get Naked» slogan. 

By the way, Liora didn’t have the design skills to create a store. The eldest son taught her the basic techniques of illustration, thanks to which the store stayed afloat. Quite simple compositions consisting of text and an object attract attention.

By the way, now it's possible to quickly become one of those print on demand phone cases success stories. Household and lifestyle items are a fairly competitive niche that allows you to make the most successful print on demand stores.

Best 10 Print-On-Demand Sites: Big Comparison

Probably the feat of motherhood pushes many women to create something truly outstanding and worthwhile. So a single African American mother made a unicorn design with a powerful message to support women like her. 

The brand’s target audience should treat themselves better: by putting on clothes, they’ll be able to believe in the magic of feelings. The little colored unicorn has become the embodiment of a fragile woman who is purposeful, has a strong character, and can independently create a source of income. 

The store's assortment includes a wide variety of clothes with a printed unicorn, which is quickly remembered; its color scheme consists of brown and black shades and describes the cultural background. The brand's slogan is three words that the metaphorical unicorn pronounces: unique, divine, and magical. They’re the ones who treat every woman, urging her to become more self-confident.

A little earlier, pop culture became the mainstream in trade, allowing you to reveal the entire personality and hobbies of the buyer. Famous in Real Life offers unique designs that make people laugh and share similar niche interests. 

The brand has one more exciting feature: knowing that customers can often refuse the cart and get lost in the abundance of choice,  Famous in Real Life implemented a secret T-shirt. Its design will become known only after unpacking. The humorous component of the clothing allows the buyers to relax and plunge into the game.

Ryan McCarthy stands out among the many success stories for creating the Imouri brand based on anime pictures. 

One day in 2016, being a fan of Japanese pop culture, he couldn't find the stylized clothing. That's how a unique business selling things was born, which prospered in developing a total value equal to a six-figure sum. 

Print on demand t-shirts' success is that they cannot be found anywhere else. In addition, there is a private community where people share common interests on a personal level. 

The brand has been successful in social media marketing, fascinating prospects with its sincerity and authenticity. It's associated with a particular environment that constantly strives to explore new facets of fashion.

print on demand business success stories

Print on demand Shopify's success primarily depends on perseverance and desire to create a new direction in art. Each entrepreneur we described in this article faced a problem: lack of understanding and rejection of society, lack of necessary goods on the market, demotivation, and fatigue. But they fought for themselves and survived the battle by becoming world-famous. Their victories began to inspire other people, including the Multi-Programming Solutions development team. 

Fashion for personalized clothing, accessories, phone cases has become print on demand success stories of our time. While starting with an idea, it's essential to understand its implementation. To do this, having evaluated the strategies of competitors who sell similar products, you’ll be able to unravel the tactics of the sales funnel, thereby taking the brand’s recognition to an entirely new level.

September 20, 2021
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