Best Dropshipping Products to Sell in 2024

Dropshipping is becoming a popular online business, especially during the pandemic and the prosperity of online stores. Our list can help you get familiar with the predicted trends for 2024 and start your own business based on them, or simply expand the range of your online store and timely increase profits. 

But before highlighting top products to dropship in 2024, let's take a quick look at what "dropshipping" is all about, and why it's important for this industry to focus on what products are in demand.

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Dropshipping is an intermediary between a supplier and a buyer. Its task is to take the responsibility for identifying and attracting customers, as well as concluding contracts with suppliers.

Dropshipping has become a popular online business model that, although not instantaneously, but over time, can lead to high earnings, or simply become a great launching pad (especially considering the top dropshipping products) to start a more serious business in online commerce and create your own products.

Dropshipping does not require keeping the merchandise to be sold in a warehouse but instead purchases the merchandise to be sold from a supplier who manufactures, packs, and ships the item. At the same time, dropshipping is applicable to both retail and wholesale.

This is a fairly simple-to-manage business model because it:

  • requires a minimum initial investment and can bring 50% more income when compared with stores or companies that store goods in a separate warehouse;
  • takes place entirely online;
  • pretty easy to get started with;
  • offers flexibility in niche change;
  • enables fast scaling;
  • does not require a lot of time or a strict schedule;
  • is not tied to a specific office, city, or country.

As already mentioned, dropshipping does not require extensive personnel in order to receive, process orders, constantly monitor the availability of goods, and organize shipment. Considering these and some other factors, dropshipping is becoming one of the most popular types of making one’s living out there.

With the onset of the pandemic, Google searches for the term “dropshipping” have increased significantly, and despite some downturns, the popularity is still growing. Therefore, you can start your business today, with full confidence that dropshipping is still profitable and in 2024 at least.

dropshipping trends

The already mentioned advantage of dropshipping is the ability to quickly switch to trendy products to dropship. But how exactly can this be employed?

There is a saying that for any product there is a buyer. Sometimes, this is indeed confirmed in practice, but it seems that this can only be a survivor's mistake. We see that there are businesses that sell low-demand products and stay afloat, but we do not notice and cannot even know how many enterprises have failed due to such a strategy.

Surely, not only a niche or trending dropshipping products is important for business success, but also a marketing campaign, an optimal SEO strategy, and a strategy for working with clients. However, choosing the right product is still the first step to success.

It is most profitable to choose niches in which there is relatively little competition, and which are in demand and correspond to trends. However, you also need to make sure that your set of products is not identical to those offered by others. 

This does not mean that you need to abandon potentially successful products. On the contrary, you need to provide the widest possible selection of products in a certain niche and not be afraid to offer something that competitors do not offer (of course, given the requirements of the market).

Now consider what is best to sell in 2024.

How to Dropship on Shopify

The pandemic has left a strong imprint on all areas of our lives, including the products that are in demand now and the trends that we are seeing.

How to define the best winning products for dropshipping?

Today, a huge number of resources are available for identifying popular products and analyzing the market, some of them including:

  • Google trends dropshipping products;
  • social networks (Instagram, TikTok);
  • “hot products” tabs on major competitor sites, especially AliExpress;
  • Oberlo statistics.

You can check trends every month or quarter. Naturally, this may take some time and will require careful analysis and evaluation of the prospects of popular products. That's why we've put together some of the best dropshipping products to sell that won't let you down during 2023.

Products that are always in demand are basic products that almost everyone buys at least once a year. They are the best products to start dropshipping if you don't want to switch vendors and products too often. However, it is easier to enter the dropshipping market and gain popularity on the wave of certain trends that come and go. However, this requires more attention and care in order to adapt to requests in time and find suppliers.

Here are five top products for dropshipping that have been, and are projected to continue to be, the top-selling products on the internet in 2022:

  • Home decor items and furniture;
  • Clothes and fashion;
  • Beauty products;
  • Equipment and accessories for technology;
  • Hobby products.

On top of that, the following categories are also expected to hit the demand:

  • Accessories;
  • Goods for health and sports;
  • Food and drink;
  • Goods for newborns and older children, toys;
  • Environmentally-friendly products;
  • Goods for pets;
  • Presents and souvenirs;
  • Stationery and office supplies.

On the flip side, it is best to avoid trading products that require special licenses unless you intend to purchase those licenses. Because it is highly likely that you, although not with malicious intent, will be able to harm your customers. Basically, these are products such as:

  • Tobacco products and alcohol;
  • Medicines and biologically active additives;
  • Weapon;
  • Safety equipment.

Home decoration items, furniture

home decoration dropshipping product

People seek to equip their home so that it is as comfortable and pleasant as possible to live in it. This type of product is one of the best products to sell for dropshipping, as demand for decor and furniture products has increased significantly since the start of the pandemic. And this is not surprising, because for people the house has become both a workplace and a place of rest, so it became necessary to equip this “box” as best and conveniently as possible for all family members, for work and study.

The home decor and furniture section includes items such as:

  • candles;
  • clocks;
  • pillows and bed linens;
  • armchairs;
  • writing and coffee tables;
  • artificial plants;
  • curtains;
  • vases;
  • wall and table night lights, LED strips, garlands.

It is best to offer high-quality products and a vast assortment: the more choice, the higher the likelihood that the buyer will order the product and be satisfied with it.

Clothes and fashion

clothes and fashion dropshipping product

Another item among the trending dropshipping products is clothing, and especially fashionable clothing. People have ceased to be afraid to buy wardrobe items on the Internet and are increasingly tempted to order a new sweater in an online store. Again, it is better to choose high-quality and natural materials that will be pleasant to the body and make the buyer come back to your offer again and again.

Here's what you can safely add to your dropshipping products to hit the spot:

  • tracksuits (people choose comfort by buying sportswear for everyday wear);
  • sweaters and sweatshirts;
  • house dressing gowns;
  • unisex t-shirts;
  • flannel shirts;
  • leggings and jeans;
  • underwear;
  • shoes, especially sports shoes and models with orthopedic insoles;
  • themed clothes for major holidays.

Beauty products

beauty dropshipping products

It's no surprise that personal care and beauty products remain among the best dropshipping products as everyone wants to stay young, feel fresh, and look beautiful and well-groomed. After all, how much confidence it gives! In order not to repeat many times, just take it as an axiom: a winning and better product is a quality product.

Here are some products that are expected to be extremely popular in 2024:

  • skin care products (masks, washing gels, anti-aging creams, nourishing creams, facial massagers);
  • body skin care (scrubs, oils, moisturizers);
  • cosmetics (foundation, bright shadows, mascara, lipstick, eyeliner, etc.);
  • tools for applying cosmetics;
  • professional hair care products;
  • manicure tools and nail polishes;
  • perfumes and eau de toilette.

Home appliances, electronics, and related accessories

home appliances dropshipping products

The technology industry continues to evolve. At least every week, we are presented with new products and more and more people want to keep up with the times, using gadgets and technologies to make their lives easier. This category of products will definitely remain one of the most profitable in the best dropshipping products section of 2024. Also, the average annual growth rate of the electronics sector is expected to be 4.8% until 2025. When choosing what you are going to sell, it is best to first analyze the needs of your region and choose the products that will best suit you.

Here are the most popular products from this category:

  • covers and glasses for smartphones;
  • ring lamps;
  • tripods for cameras and smartphones;
  • consumer electronics (especially items needed for cooking and cleaning);
  • accessories and tools for various appliances;
  • smart electronics (smart watches, Wi-Fi sensors, smart home equipment);
  • headphones;
  • electronic toothbrushes;
  • stereo systems;
  • smartphones, tablets, and laptops;
  • charging devices.

Products for hobby

dropshipping products for hobby

Yet another one of the best dropshipping products include goods for needlework, creativity, in a word - a hobby. To take a break from work and just relax, many people do something that they like and enjoy. The pandemic and the lockdown have provided more free time, so the best way to pass it is to try something new. The sales of hobby-related goods are projected to rise to $545 million by 2023.

The category includes such products as:

  • board games;
  • books;
  • kits for knitting and sewing;
  • sets for drawing, modeling;
  • sports equipment;
  • musical instruments.

It is important to constantly monitor trends in the hobby goods section, because, like in fashion for clothes, there is such a thing as fashion hobbies.


accessories dropshipping products

Every person out there is trying to pick up something individual and unique for their image, whether it be a bag, pendant, or glasses. There are many products in this category, so they remain one of the best products for dropshipping. You can fill your catalog with a large number of unusual and exquisite jewelry and accessories, then you will have a chance to become popular in this niche. And continued demand for this type of goods will only play into your hands.

This category includes the following product groups:

  • bags;
  • shoppers;
  • clock;
  • belts;
  • jewelry, bijouterie (not only from precious metals);
  • caps, hats, and other headwear (panama hats, both winter and summer, are especially popular now);
  • sunglasses and plain lenses for everyday wear as a regular accessory;
  • scarves and gloves.

Health and sports goods

sports dropshipping goods

Health and sports products are another type of the best products to dropship. During the day, workers in many professions are characterized by a low level of activity, quarantine has reduced its number even more, so morning or evening sports and, as a result, goods for maintaining health are relevant.

Popular items in this category include:

  • skin care;
  • earplugs;
  • massagers for the back, head, neck and other parts of the body;
  • vitamins;
  • sports nutrition;
  • sportswear;
  • sports accessories;
  • skates, skis, and rollers;
  • bicycles;
  • travel gear;
  • fitness kits;
  • yoga sets;
  • mats for gymnastics;
  • dumbbells;
  • inventory for different types of sports games.

Food and beverage

food and beverage dropshipping products

Next on our list of the best dropshipping products are food and beverages. This online sales industry continues to grow. In 2021, the revenue from eCommerce food and drink products was $34.2 billion, and in 2024 it promises to be even higher. If it is already prepared food, then it is best to ensure that the supplier is not at a greater distance from the buyer. Here is what will always be eagerly bought:

  • bakery products;
  • Pizza;
  • a list of products from the supermarket;
  • snacks;
  • baby food, etc.

However, people can order food for cooking and various drinks from different countries online. This is why it’s important to consider that delivery may take several days or even weeks. Most often these are the following products:

  • various types of tea;
  • different types of coffee;
  • products for cooking various national dishes;
  • drinks that have not yet entered the market of the country targeted by dropshipping.

Goods for children and toys

dropshipping goods for children

Parents always want to buy the best for their children and develop them, so products from this category can be called the best products to dropship as well. The global revenue in the category of children's goods, for toys alone (!), will reach $102 million in 2023. The following products are important for sales:

  • baby clothes;
  • goods for pregnant women;
  • baby food, bottles, and pacifiers;
  • hygiene products for children;
  • educational games for children;
  • constructors, dolls, research kits, and other toys;
  • baby carriers;
  • children's sports equipment.

Eco-friendly goods and nature preservation products

eco-friendly dropshipping products

Fortunately, a concern for nature and ecology is gradually becoming a global trend and represents another section of the best selling dropshipping products. Due to the problem of environmental pollution, people tend to buy environmentally-friendly products, both for the purpose of taking care of their health, and for the purpose of environmentally-friendly disposal of already used products. Some of the popular products include:

  • organic food and drinks;
  • environmentally-friendly toys for children;
  • organic health and beauty products;
  • reusable shoppers, bags, and drinking bottles;
  • environmentally-friendly gifts;
  • wooden kitchen and bath appliances.

Products for pets

dropshipping products for pets

The next product category on our list of top dropshipping products is pet products. At the moment, this area has a global revenue share of more than 75.4 billion dollars, which is not surprising. For example, the average annual cost of owning a dog in the US is $1,380, and 77% of young people prefer to buy pet supplies online. Here are some of the most popular types of products in this category:

  • pillows and beds for dogs and cats;
  • pet toys;
  • clothing for pets;
  • pet feed;
  • corners for cats;
  • collars and leashes;
  • scratching posts;
  • animal care equipment.

Gifts and souvenirs

dropshipping gifts and souvenirs

Each of us has to give gifts to relatives and friends at least once a month. This is why the segment of goods for gifts continues to be one of the trending products for dropshipping 2023. For dropshipping, this is a great field for imagination, but do not forget about trends. 

For instance, highly-demanded gift products could be:

  • photo frames;
  • funny postcards;
  • chocolate sets;
  • romantic gifts: pendants, rings, figurines;
  • wedding gifts;
  • wrapping papers and tape;
  • gift boxes;
  • various gift sets;
  • gift certificates.

Stationery and office products

dropshipping office products

Office supplies continue to be one of the best products for the dropshipping business. Despite the fact that many people prefer to keep all reports and records on an electronic device, there is still a huge audience of schoolchildren, students, and just people who need notebooks, pens, and so on. 

Basically, these are products such as:

  • organizers;
  • stickers;
  • sets of pens, pencils, felt-tip pens, and markers;
  • office furniture (tables, chairs, filing cabinets);
  • printers, copiers, and scanners;
  • notebooks, notebooks, folders;
  • stands for laptops;
  • A4 paper;
  • keyboards and mice for laptops and computers.

Top 30+ Print-on-Demand Product Ideas

We've briefly reviewed the top products to dropship in 2024, but that doesn't mean you can't start a dropshipping business with products that aren't on our list. The main thing is to analyze the situation on the market, identify competition in a niche, and find your target audience

Do not limit yourself to just one thing, choose quality products, keep an eye on what is now most in demand on the market, both on your site and on competitors' sites. Do not be afraid to experiment and add brightness and uniqueness to your site, try to attract customers with your style, be responsible in choosing suppliers, and then, we are confident, everything will work out for you!

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