What is a Dropshipping Profit Margin?

If you think it is impossible to earn good money in the digital environment, you are mistaken. The experience of many stores proves that dropshipping is successful and profitable. For a beginner, it is much more convenient than storing items, packing goods, and sending orders independently. In dropshipping, the money profit you receive covers unpleasant surprises such as purchase returns. If you are perseverant enough, you can achieve peak performance. Today we will talk about figures, including how much you really get by doing such activities. 

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Briefly about the main: average dropshipping profit margin

Dropshipping profit margins: a formula cleaner for everyone

How to find high-profit dropship items?

If you are concerned about this question, you perhaps have already passed the first business stages: researched the market, found reliable suppliers, and launched your store on a popular platform (such as eBay, Shopify, Amazon, etc.). The next task is no less important. You must get a clear idea of ​​what you can achieve and learn how to work with numbers.

We noticed that the margin usually varies between 15-20%. Often business people have a high-profit margin of 40-70%, but it is not the limit in dropshipping. Some websites take the bold approach of charging $1-20 and selling for $20-50. Keep in mind that a lot depends on the product type (what exactly you offer) and niche (on which platform and to whom). 

The rules of the game change if you use the reverse business model. In this case, the figure will be higher because of high-value goods. It is logical that dealing with cheap things is not very profitable since it deprives you of the lion's share of income.

Moreover, different suppliers of the same product may bring you a different margin: you will receive 10% from one and as much as 60% from another. Of course, the difference is huge. But a low figure is not a sentence because it can be compensated by a large number of sales. So, if you make several sales every day, then a 10% margin is okay. 

Which option would you choose: 

  • make several sales per day and receive 10% from each; 
  • make 1-2 sales per month and get 50%?

As a rule, it is more profitable to choose the first option.

Be careful when working with suppliers. Take into account both the benefits and the reliability of cooperation. Do you need a generous supplier that offers low-quality items or violates the conditions? Consider it when it comes to cash settlements.

We note that working with margin indicators for this supply type is similar to other directions. It is enough for you to know the cost and the price at which the thing is put up for sale. Here you can include additional costs: fees (per order, one-time per account, regular membership fees), commission (it may refer to eBay, PayPal). The part of the money from dropshipping sales that remains with your vendors (or other sales participants) is called the commission rate and varies in the range of 15-20%.

Make sure you have accurate metrics and get down to business. If you want to speed up, choose an automatic assistant like a dropshipping profit margin calculator (search on the Internet). However, we recommend that you do everything yourself, at least for the first time: your skills in working with figures will come in handy in the future. Also, we offer a simple formula:

margin formula

It’s better to do such calculations for each product individually. If you neglect this, you may fail like many other presumptuous newbie dropshippers. At the same time, you need to make sure that the prices compensate for the costs and leave you in the black, but they shouldn’t be too high.

By the way, the average profit from dropshipping is not the only indicator that you should pay attention to. When working online, cost per conversation is essential. In short, it is your advertising spend to attract a buyer. Online advertising allows you to reach a wider audience and find those ready to purchase. Calculating CPC is also simple: how much you spent on advertising / how many conversions (purchases) you received.

Now let's talk about the products that can bring you the maximum benefit and make you a successful seller.

Many eBay stores use the following strategy: as soon as a product fails, they replace it with a new one, more marketable and profitable. But Shopify sellers usually do not deal with large volumes of goods. So how to select appropriate items?

dropship high-profit items

The answer is simple: study the market. Simply put, you have to find out what things people are ready to buy and track the increased demand. We offer several search methods: 

  • Analysis of the assortment of competitors. Check out the stores in your industry. What do they offer? Are these offers popular? Then it makes sense to look for a similar but cheaper product. Another option is to start selling this product in a similar niche with no competitors.
  • Studying trends. Use the Google Trends web tool, look at AliExpress, and surf social media to find viral products. It is vital to enter the market with a trending product as quickly as possible.
  • Focus on a narrow niche. You do not have to cover large spaces: it is okay to limit yourself to a narrow direction. You will be noticed by fewer consumers, and the competition will be much lower.
  • Relevance. Update your assortment every season and prepare for the holidays in advance. For instance, for Halloween, you can include "scary" costumes and themed souvenirs in the catalog.

Popular products with high-profit margins are the key to success in dropshipping. Win-win options are universal things needed by everyone. For example, an eco-friendly shopping bag. We all go shopping, but plastic bags are forbidden in many countries. Of course, it’s not as versatile as clothes or shoes. These things have good potential because people purchase them repeatedly. 

Also, popular things are cosmetics, jewelry, household items, children's things, games, toys, or items for pets. Due to the quarantine, equipment for doing sports at home and useful little things for the home office have become in demand. But be careful entering super-competitive niches.

Why should an entrepreneur delve deeply into such details and work with figures? If you know the costs and can compare your prospects with demand, you will accurately manage the price for each item in your range. Customize your pricing to attract customers, stand out from the competition, and maximize your profits. When working with goods, you need to keep an optimal cheap-expensive ratio.

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