How to Sell Print-on-Demand Products with Wix

The POD industry is lucky today, as it was not significantly affected by the pandemic. Instead, it received powerful resources for development. For example, the global T-shirt printing market in 2020 reached about $3.64 billion! It is projected to grow at an average annual rate of 9.7% during 2021-2028. One of the most popular tools for starting and developing a POD business remains Wix, a platform for running eCommerce projects. What opportunities does Wix provide for print-on-demand, and how to build sales from scratch?

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Why should the POD business choose the Wix platform?

What print-on-demand sites work with Wix?

What print-on-demand products can you sell on Wix?

How to print on demand with Wix?

Wix is ​​more than just a website builder. The resource is recognized as one of the market leaders: according to the Ecommerce Ceo, it is in TOP 10 e-commerce platforms. It became even more popular during the pandemic: Wix reports that its audience grew by 31 million in 2020!

Launching print on demand on the Wix store is an easy way to start making money on the Internet. For experienced sellers, it is a chance to scale their trade and expand the audience. Wix provides a set of specialized tools for planning and managing direct deliveries.

For the POD industry, Wix provides integration with top print-on-demand apps, which opens up great opportunities for startups, building a positive brand image.

Key features of Wix for the POD business:

  • launching sales of unique products from scratch: from themed posters and photo mugs to personalized hats;
  • minimal costs, no need to purchase, store, and deliver goods for printing;
  • brand promotion by publishing a corporate logo on the label of each product sold;
  • work with designs using the layout generator with original fonts and drawings;
  • prompt updating of the product catalog by synchronization with print-on-demand services;
  • convenient content management in the store (photos, videos, product descriptions, etc.) and customer feedback;
  • calculation of the business profitability even before sales start with a simple price list and delivery terms.

For example, selling printed products through Wix will allow you to avoid a large initial investment and save time on storage management and logistics. And it's all thanks to print-on-demand services for Wix.

The secret to Wix's success is its partnerships with POD market leaders, Printify and Printful. They provide exclusive design services and handle all printing and shipping tasks.

A few words about Wix integrations:  

  1. Printify is a solution for all your POD store needs. In the first 6 months of 2020, the number of users grew by almost 70%. In a July survey, about 25% of respondents admitted that they chose the service as their main source of income. 

    Opportunities for Wix: 300+ products from 90+ printing manufacturers, a design generator, minimum production times (up to 10 days), 24/7 technical support, manual order entry.
  2. Printful is a service that helps you realize your unique printing ideas. Over the last 3 quarters of 2020, the number of new stores has grown by 44% (compared to the same period in 2019). 

Opportunities for Wix: 302 print and embroidery products, design developer, invoicing and shipping customization, 24/7 consulting.

Integration with print-on-demand services for Wix will open up new prospects for the development of trade and bring high profits in the long term.

Best 10 Print-On-Demand Sites: Big Comparison

You can sell hundreds of products with customized branding on the Wix Store. You should focus on the range of integrated services because it plays the role of executor of orders.

Popular products:

  • Clothing and footwear: T-shirts, sweatshirts, tops, swimwear, dresses, shirts and polos, underwear, socks, flip flops, sneakers.
  • Hats: caps, baseball caps, hats.
  • Household items: dishes, bed linen, towels, paintings and posters, office supplies.
  • Accessories: masks, glasses, bags, cases for smartphones and PCs, key rings, jewelry.

According to internal data from Printify, in the first six months of 2020, there was strong demand for Home & Living products (an increase of almost 244%). The TOP 15 includes vertical posters and photographs on canvas. 

Selling on Wix is ​​profitable because it is a flexible platform that adapts to market requirements. You can run clothing print-on-demand dropshipping for Wix and switch to a more relevant product. Let's take a look at 5 steps to build workflows and start a print-on-demand business.

print-on-demand products wix

Create Wix store

Find your niche to get started: study market trends and choose a popular destination. For example,  masks were more than 11% of all sales on Printify in September 2020. Next, register an online store. To start sales, you need to buy a Business E-commerce plan: Basic, Unlimited, or VIP. 

All plans give you access to dedicated site tools and POD apps. In terms of affordability, Wix is much more beneficial than its competitors. However, remember that each fulfillment company has a different pricing policy.

After creating your account, customize your store design. It's easy to do even without IT knowledge: just choose a design template and add text and graphic content.

Connect Wix store to print-on-demand services

It's time to integrate your Wix boutique with print-on-demand apps. Select and import them from Wix App Market. You will get rid of the worries of managing goods: purchasing, renting a warehouse, storage, inventory control, selection of packaging material, and shipping.

Work with print-on-demand integration companies is based on the following scheme: when an order arrives at your store, a notification is automatically sent to your partner, and you receive a tracking number. Next, all you need to do is track the order’s status in the Wix admin panel.

Create and design your products

You don't need to be an artist to create a design: special programs and photo editors like Canva make your work easier. The image must meet the requirements of the service. For example, Printful requires at least 150 DPI and JPG or PNG formats. With the help of the built-in generator, it is convenient to design a virtual product.

Take care about the quality: test the product you intend to offer to Wix print on demand. For example, make sure that your t-shirts are made of natural hypoallergenic fabric. Decide on a printing technique: 

  • Silk-screen printing: printing a long-lasting saturated pattern using stencils. Good for 100+ copies.
  • Direct printing: digital printing of detailed wear-resistant design. Good for small and medium editions with a strict time limit.
  • Sublimation: double-sided application of ultra-durable ink, print from thermal paper. Good for any quantities and eco-production.
  • Thermal transfer: detailed drawings using flex film/applique on natural fabrics (for white products). Good for the production of advertising products, workwear.

Add designs to the catalog and attach quality images, descriptions, and specifications. This is one of the first marketing tips, which will help you build a foundation for the Wix dropship business based on selling t-shirts and other products.

Set up billing and shipping

Set the pricing, payment terms, and delivery. Decide on the payment methods (online or cash). You can customize billing and shipping costs using the POD apps.

Set prices based on total costs: per account (hosting, domain), marketing, fees for collaboration with printing companies, etc. Use the scheme: (batch cost / number of items) + 50%. 

Add additional fees (urgency, express, etc.) if you wish. 

Sell ​​your products

Done! You have created a full-fledged store for selling POD products. Now you can expect the first orders, which means the first profit. Now the main goal is to develop an accurate marketing strategy and expand a variety of designs. We recommend that you regularly analyze the market and communicate with the target audience to know customer preferences.

Do you want to build a business quickly and cost-effectively? Contact Multi-Programming Solutions to launch Wix print on demand and provide a complete integration!

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