Print-on-demand products that will bring your e-commerce business to the next level in 2024

2020 changed the world in many unexpected ways. COVID-19 made successful companies transform their operations or consider alternatives. Lockdowns and social distancing required numerous commercial operations to shift from offline to online. Forbes reported the astonishing year-over-year e-commerce business growth by 44.5% while the traditional sales continued to decline. Yet, this is the best possible time for e-commerce owners to seize the momentum. Online sales can maximize their piece of this attractive market share through complementary services such as print-on-demand products. Here are some suggestions on making printing useful for your online commerce and some print-on-demand product ideas for 2024.

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What makes a product great for customers

How to find trending products

25 best products to sell in 2024


Customer choice relies on a variety of reasons. First and foremost, customers choose an attractive online site that is easy to navigate. Then, they evaluate the product/service attractivity and pricing to decide whether they should place an order. And finally, they consider whether the purchase and the accompanying services will really enrich their customer experience. That is where you need to assist them in choosing you.

  1. Site’s attractiveness. Up to 80% of American shoppers state that they select products for two categories – price and speed. Do not try to bewilder them with your originality, as clarity is the key. Your site should be intuitive, attractive, and straightforward so that your potential customers can easily navigate it. Make sure that your front page contains all categories you have to offer. Remember to stay user-friendly and simple in representation as your business expands.
  2. Product quality and price. As your store is likely a mono-brand one, focus on quality materials, eco-friendly production, and everything that makes your brand recognizable. For example, include print-on-demand product categories in your special cart auctions. Allow your first-time buyers to receive them for free. For hesitating users who postpone the purchase, use lowered prices and numerous discount offers.
  3. Customer service. Make sure your customer can gain online support 24/7 and can leave useful feedback for your services. Do not forget to display customer testimonials on the landing webpage.

Trends have become more obvious in 2020. Pandemics, elections, BLM, memes, protective masks, lockdowns, business owners' protests, and many more can serve the endless e-commerce business ideas. But where do you get them from?

  • Consult professional editorials. The recent article from Forbes emphasizes personalization and product assortment as one of the 2021 lead trends. Online sales are one of the most adaptable business segments. As more and more customers choose originality over brands and ask for customized items from their preferred producers, you can use the personalization trend to stimulate your e-commerce business growth.
  • Surf social networks. This allows monitoring user's opinions, wishes, and crafty communities that will give you ideas. If you have professional tools, you can fill in the niche where the most prominent demand exists. Organize group-buying suggestions to boost your web traffic.
  • Read business blogs. Consult business online blogs and guides to observe recent trends and forecasts for the business growth. This allows reducing the costs for personal printing equipment and subsequent deliveries. Such a strategy already helped to boost sites like Etsy and stabilize their profits during 2020.

Certain products will keep being in through 2024 and beyond. As global retail e-commerce continues to soar, you can find inspiration in some most attractive prospects. Here is the list of the universal and easy-customizable products for your e-commerce business:

  1. Protective masks. All shapes and sizes will never go out of style until COVID-19 pandemics ends. Their versatility and style allow printing any possible designs on them.
  2. Gym wear. The stay-at-home lifestyle made many customers cautious about their shape and fitness. So, this type of product is on the rise again.
  3. Customizable cups. This traditional, unique but still very useful gift and an easy-to-print-on product, which comes in any shape, color, and size.
  4. Wireless chargers. Growing now in their popularity, they have easily customizable surfaces that can be used for various print ideas.
  5. Pet products. Some customers celebrate their pets’ birthdays and give them special presents. Others want to show people that they are pet lovers.
  6. Leggins. This piece of clothing is unchanged since the 1980s retro-rush.
  7. T-shirts. Unisex and single tone, as well as all sizes availability, will allow you to sell. Unique prints will help you to differentiate from competitors.
  8. Posters. Offer some positive vibes to be hanged at the office, home, café, or used by an IT startup.
  9. Greeting cards. The easiest on the list and everyone has their birthday, don't they?
  10. Gifts. Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, V-day? Allow your customers to create unique presents with prints they choose.
  11. Social distance markers. Café, drugstores, post offices, banks, restaurants, and hotels all need some crowd management markers during the social-distancing times.
  12. Anti-brand products. The popular social movement gained massive Instagram and Facebook following as an anti-establishment protest.
  13. Delivery gear and services. As delivery firms grow exponentially, they all need caps, bags, and pins to mark their brand attribution.
  14. Medical armbands. They are highly demanded in pandemic times and may also include personal or crucial medical contacts for emergency cases.
  15. Phone cases. Android or iPhone? It doesn’t matter as long as it is customized.
  16. Backpacks. Travel or walk long distances – they are comfortable and sizable.
  17. Dresses. Unusual printed patterns are always in style for ladies.
  18. Fine arts, pictures. Your customer does not have to be a millionaire to have Van Gough at home.
  19. Occasion products. Anniversaries, weddings, and business deals can inspire us to create limitless customized material.
  20. Neck ties. Help your office working customers express themselves in a unique way.
  21. Notebooks. Creative study accessories inspire. Personalized items make one feel special and loved.
  22. Hoodies. In cold seasons, people like to keep it warm and cozy. Hoodies are never out of style, especially with trended titles and recognizable visuals.
  23. Jewelry. Limitless potential and numerous easy-to-print-on surfaces, from plastic and ceramics to textile.
  24. Menu and coffee-table accessories. These are demanded not only by new businesses but also by rebranded ones and those needing renovation.
  25. Magnets. Make somebody’s vacation memorable.

There are many ways how you can maximize your business operations with print-on-demand services, and expanding the product offering list is one of them. Many big outlets have already integrated POD services into their e-commerce websites. So, selling products which are not offered by your rivals is a good competitive advantage. You can also use the trend of product personalization and customization to attract demanding customers, and so keep your business afloat in this uncertain time. Do your own research on the best print-on-demand for Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, and other market leaders. You may use their experience and get inspired in defining the key elements of your business model. We hope this material has already provided you with sufficient ideas for your business growth in the upcoming 2024 and beyond. 

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