The GentleMinions, Cool Kids, VogueChallenge, and other TikTok trends in Etsy and Shopify

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Video marketing has faced its peak in recent years and doesn’t seem to stop. Many viral TikTok trends catch the attention of a young audience worldwide and give them a perfect customer experience from the app’s interaction. Millennials and Gen Z support thousands of platform activities, like participating in challenges and contributing to hyping videos and trending products on TikTok.

Here, we’ll find out why brands sympathize with a social platform, whether it is possible to sell on TikTok with Shopify or Etsy stores, and when it’s essential to be on the same trendy wave with the multimillion app’s public.

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TikTok isn’t silly. It’s serious

How do brands hype themselves on TikTok?

Penetration of global trends in the Etsy and Shopify

How Much are Brands Spending on Ads?


Media service is considered not only an entertaining video channel with TikTok clothing trends or dance competitions but a powerful instrument in e-commerce business and marketing. The reason lies in the platform’s high popularity, availability, and virality. About 1 billion active users from 154 countries visit the platform monthly. This fact offers an opportunity to advertise brands’ stuff to a large audience and practice international purchasing based on the dropshipping business model. 

As 42% of the app’s users are 18-24 years old, entrepreneurs open ways to reach the younger generation with their products’ promotions using recent TikTok trends. The 35+ category makes up 15% of the whole platform’s audience. But its volume continues to grow, so building a media presence is beneficial for business development. 

Moreover, TikTok provides an excellent user experience with its simple app navigation and methods to find necessary and relative information. Programs’ algorithm allows for defining what exactly a customer is watching and provides them with a related topics video list. Brands in partnership with creators push ideas for viral trends on TikTok, generating thousands of views on the stuff and converting watchers into buyers. TikTokers are rarely excited with a product demo record. But if it is produced in a fun and interesting way, or associated with some challenge, then you can make a significant buzz.

For example, what is the GentleMinions trend? It has been started before the next Minion episode premiere. Teenage groups wore formal suits and attended cinemas, acting like one of the main heroes - Gru. Young people from all over the world followed this trend, buying suits for this special occasion. This GentleMinions trend was an excellent chance for brands, selling suits and minions-oriented stuff, to popularize themselves all while following a challenge and attracting people to purchase their cloth.

The other way TikTok supports online sales is by encouraging customers to buy stuff right from the platform or linking to brands’ Shopify TikTok channel or Etsy shops for more details. Thus, the application provided social commerce via video streaming allowing vendors to reach their target audience worldwide. And this is how the entrepreneurs use different tricks to impress the customer and attractively perform their goods.

A social platform allows introducing a brand in a light, entertaining, and unobtrusive form. Marketers may use cutting-edge trends to promote their products. Wonderful news: videos don’t require that many costs to become trending viral TikTok examples. Most of the catching clips were recorded on a smartphone. That’s why simple videos in the usual surrounding have an equal chance with the ones made by a professional operator. 

TikTok has high rates of customer engagement compared with other social platforms. So sellers can get millions of views, providing TikTok trends, popular right now, in 2022 that appeal to the app’s audience. Of course, your profile can have no followers from the beginning, but you still may catch people’s attention thanks to the viral media algorithm. 

Whether you sell Etsy personalized minions shirts or start a Shopify POD from scratch, you’ll likely find ways to engage the social platform’s public and attract it to your business website. Let’s consider the several ways to advertise products on TikTok.

Create the brand’s profile and start making engaging content

Use Tik Tok fashion trends and templates to make your goods or service presentation authentic and attractive. Find ideas in modern hypes like #coolkids to show your brand's evolution within numerous years or the vogue challenge on TikTok to emphasize the company’s values. In addition, you should use melodic sounds, popular songs, and comic memes in your video to attract an audience to the store and raise sales as Chipotle did.

The popular Mexican restaurant provided a brilliant promotion, using a funny song about Guacamole on National Avocado Day. In a week, it became viral. People started buying Chipotle’s dishes, recording dances, and posting through TikTok. Users in 6 days made over 430 million videos, and the owner received enormous revenue from its guacamole sales on that holiday.

Start hashtag challenges

Using popular hashtags, like #gentleminions TikTok, in staff promotion, is a good idea if you want to follow trends and be on one wave with a TikTok audience. But developing your own unique challenges is an excellent way to engage millions of people and start a new TikTok hype. Thus, E.l.f cosmetics attracted millions of users with their marketing campaign and a 5 million video contribution, using the brand’s song, with the #eyeslipsface hashtags.

Another example is a Denim #InMyDenimChallenge which encouraged customers to record videos in different locations wearing Denim clothes. With this TikTok trend calling to buy branded goods, the company both increased product awareness and grew its sales.

Collaborate with influencers

A partnership with well-known people in the appropriate products category can help businesses to reach new customers and increase their client base. When choosing a famous person to interact with, engagement rate and relative specialization are the keys. It is more vital than the number of subscribers. If influencers can’t engage their public or don’t know anything about your stuff, it doesn’t matter whether they have dozens of millions of followers.

So, if you promote Etsy vogue prints on t-shirts or any other Tik Tok clothing trends, it’s better to collaborate with a fashion influencer with an exciting page. This person will more likely have the target audience you need among followers.

Creator Marketplace is a web tool that helps to find suitable persons and examine their rates as Crocs did. The brand collaborated with musician Post Malone, using his song in companies’ advertisements. As a result, Crocs faced an 18% increase in its subscribers and sales growth.

Advertise your product on TikTok

Sellers can use several types of advertisement on TikTok, including in-feed ads, sponsored hashtags, branded takeover, and top views. Marketing strategy is based on age, gender, and people's interests. So making customer demographic analytics is crucial to reaching users’ engagement.

Consider that the platform allows to set up only video, making text overlays. So try to convey your brand’s value during the short performance. Checking an ad campaign's efficiency, pay attention to the scale of growing online store traffic and reaching new leads. 

Social media service gave an excellent opportunity for merchants to be wherever their customers are and perform engagingly their goods with TikTok shopping in the Shopify partnership, announced in 2020. Thus, the app’s business account connected with an online store allows posting in-feed video ads right within the marketplace. Enterprises of any size can now use ready-made templates to generate promotional videos for clients’ engagement. TikTok continues o explore new ways of supporting e-commerce, and Shopify is a superb option to connect merchants with customers.

Moreover, Shopify and TikTok congregated to support Black-owned businesses with a #ShopBlack challenge. Thus, users could mark their favorite brand running with a Black seller by spotlighting them with a hashtag.

Now, merchants have an outstanding opportunity to gather an audience with exciting TikTok trends for Shopify store sales. Here are some tips on how to use TikTok to catch users' attention:

  1. Present your company’s values and beliefs with vogue challenge templates.
  2. Showcase bestsellers in your shop.
  3. Draw your brand’s journey.
  4. Edit client's transformation after using your stuff from top Shopify trends.
  5. Highlight your product's features.

You can also promote your TikTok account for growing sales on the Etsy shop. Add engaging videos with TikTok product trends and place a link to your online store in the bio of your business profile. Jewelry, books, water bottles, cosmetics, and kitchen stuff are the most popular goods to advertise on social media.

Following current Etsy trends on printable stuff while creating a TikTok video allows sellers to reach the target audience and propose customizable items for any occasion. You can market authentic POD products on Etsy using the latest TikTok trends 2022.

tiktok trends shopify store

TikTok is an attractive environment for e-commerce companies because of its users’ demographic characteristics. Over 419,7 million customers are 18-24 years old, representing 43.3% of the whole social media public. 32.2% make 25-34 aged youth.

Advertisements on TikTok grow with the increasing platform’s popularity for e-commerce businesses. Ads brought 1% ($2.1 billion) of revenue to the app in 2021. This number will double in 2022 and reach 3.5% ($11 billion) by 2024.

Let’s find out how much sellers spend to promote their brand on TikTok. The lowest budget for creating group ads in the in-feed category is $50. To run a profitable promotional campaign, merchants should spend around $500. So if you own, for instance, one of the 2022 Etsy trends shops, it's pretty recoverable expenses for your business scale.

As for the partnership with influencers, prices differ depending on the volume of ads, video duration, and business size. But reports show that each $1 spent on advertising brings $6.5 in revenue to its marketer.

TikTok's audience mostly likes ads. They even find it very trendy and funny. So with specific content, making your promotional brand’s video viral can be simple and engaging, whether it is TikTok Etsy trends imprintables or beer posters.

In this article, we saw how brands might use TikTok for their promotion and growth and emphasized ways to advertise Shopify or Etsy products on a social media platform, using the best TikTok trends for businesses. Popular companies showed awesome examples of reaching the target audiences and involving them in marketing campaigns with engaging content.

Creating an outstanding video is easy, and its popularity doesn’t depend on the number of brands’ followers. So even with a small business or the beginner stage of your selling experience, you have a high chance to catch the wave at the right time and place. Make viral promotions and attract millions of clients worldwide to your brand’s store.

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