Top 15 Best Wedding Gifts: a Breakthrough in Your Print on Demand Store

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A wedding is one of the most beautiful occasions to organize a multifaceted POD business. With various customized presents, sellers can embrace all the surrounding events, including engagements, pre-celebrational parties, and honeymoons. Each case gives birth to numerous themed items, from unique gifts for beloved couples and mementos to personalized print on demand wedding invitations or ceremony accessories. 

Finding inspiration for your online shop is not a complicated task. It’s only worth imagining what things could make newlyweds even happier and leave unforgettable impressions on this one-in-a-life grand celebration. Print on demand product ideas list can start from souvenirs for bride and groom and increase with your business growth, replenishing with the ceremony, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, or anniversaries items.

With 1.68 million US marriages annually, selling wedding prints online becomes a permanent source of stable income. So experiment, get inspired, and show the world outstanding products with your design. Our article will give tips to start your wedding personalized printing business.

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15 best personalized wedding gifts for couples

Is it worth introducing Wedding Apparel into the assortment?

How to Impress a Book Lovers Couple?

Moving from 2022 to the 2023 wedding season


Customized presents attract buyers because they can bring some uniqueness and blow the soul into the simple product. With print on demand gifts, newlyweds guests emphasize love and respect for them, immortalizing the outstanding moments in portraits, home accessories, or meaningful prints. Look through these top-selling personalized wedding gifts to list on your Etsy shop or create your artwork.

Customized wine glasses

Add a few custom notes to a classic gift, engraving memorable data, like the couple’s wedding day, their names, or eternal love vows. Newlyweds will enjoy thousands of romantic evenings with this personalized present. Choose an original font or suggest congratulatory line templates to ease your buyers’ choice.

Poster with GPS coordinates

An incredible minimalistic easy-printed gift can highlight the exact location of a wedding ceremony or a proposal speech. This monochrome wall art keeps a secret sense and can become more valuable than any expensive picture.

Monogrammed kitchen towels

It is one of the most useful wedding gifts for couples to decorate the place, where lovers will cook delicious dinners and feed each other till the end of their days. Ensure your POD supplier uses high-quality eco-friendly materials for goods production.

Wooden box for memorable stuff

Such keepsake wares with printed couples’ names will store wedding photos, vows, and other heart-warming stuff, which makes it one of the best wedding gifts for friends. However, pay attention to package cards - there is a good chance that the buyer simply does not want to give such a gift to a couple in love and will keep it. Well, why not?

Ring dish

A plate with an engagement date or eternal love wishes will keep the ring on when they are not won. This unique personalized wedding gift for Etsy can stand your shop out from the crowd. Just keep your business well-promoted.

Customized doormat

Now it can invite to the lovebird's common house. Every tiny detail in a print on demand wedding gift, emphasizing that a couple has become one whole, brings a smile to their faces. 

Travel map

An excellent way to encourage a bride and a groom for adventures. The more years they spend together, the less unvisited country the map will show.

Custom number size

One of the best personalized wedding gifts in 2022 to give a particular sign for a new family nest. Even when the couple changes their place of living, it will keep the sweetest memories of their marriage beginning.

Front door sticker label

Along with the previous unforgettable wedding gift, a monogrammed decal can decorate a young couple's facade with their last names or initials. It is a perfect alternative to a wreath, greeting guests from the doorstep.

Family portrait

It is one of the top-selling art wedding prints on Etsy. Make a happy pair picture to decorate their home space. Add personalization with their names to represent a universal gift solution. If you think that POD is for artists only, don’t worry. You may have no skills at all but become a successful entrepreneur.

Custom accessories for bride and groom

This category can fill your online shop with different product types. Suggest personalized wedding gift ideas for her and him, like rings with printed wedding data, belt buckles, cufflinks, tie clips, and bracelets.

There are plenty of goods you can customize for a special couple’s day. Only ensure your suppliers have the equipment to fulfill your orders.


Provide unique wedding gift ideas, like this one, to personalize covers by adding newlywed initials or romantic pictures. This present will warm husband, wife, and children for years to come. Diversify the material range with fleece, sherpa, polyester, or cotton to give your clients space for choice.

Printed pillows

A must-have among the personalized wedding gifts on Etsy. Round, square, tufted, for sofa and floor - these practical items are never enough, especially if they keep a valuable printed context.

Customized mugs

Tea cups for newlyweds with their surnames and one-of-a-kind date on the surface is an excellent way for buyers to please their friends. Choose a sweet picture and then change personal data to create unique wedding favors with print on demand illustrations.

Portraits’ magnets

That’s what will surprise a couple for sure. An unusual item for holding lovely photos or sweet notes on the fridge will become an unexpected but pleasant surprise for the pair.

These wedding gift ideas are perfect for creating new POD product designs and running a successful e-Commerce business. With reliable software solutions, sellers can optimize several online shop tasks to streamline their daily operations and provide an automating order data processing. 

Items diversity allows experimenting with various goods to find bestsellers and establish a brand style. Thus, entrepreneurs can vend personalized wedding gifts, like t-shirts for the next day's party or bachelor nights. But, first, check whether this stuff is popular among customers.

Numerous celebrations related to the special couples day raise demands on parties’ attributes. And customized wedding apparel for guests is an integral part of a people’s group who want to emphasize their involvement in common entertainment. Thus, we can’t imagine celebrating bachelorette nights without printed t-shirts for a bride, groom, and friends. 

Orders may be numerous if the party manager wants to wear 20 or more participants in customized cloth. Thus, business owners can make a good profit and save money on delivery. Here are some ideas about what apparel you can customize, except t-shirts:

  • Flip-flops for a beach party.
  • Pajamas for a quiet but not less enjoyable bachelorette night.
  • Custom bathrobes and towels for SPA or pool fun.
  • Slide sandals or slippers with wedding-themed ornaments.

You are not limited in product ideas generation. So your store items line can be flexible, and you’ll find DIY wedding gifts with the highest demand. Still, we suggest checking out one more excellent thought for married couples’ presents.

Bibliophile pairs will be pleased with gifts related to their hobby. For example, the same coffee mug can be customized with their names and reflect favorite literature hero phrases. Necklaces and earrings with printed pages for a bride, leather bookmark, or wooden holder for a groom - items can be so unexpected but still lovely. Here are the other wedding gifts you can propose for couples fond of reading:

  • personalized vow covers for her and him;
  • quote wall arts;
  • quality comic book printing;
  • albums for familiar photo stories and memorable events.

Finding a splendid item is easier than you can think. It’s worth beginning to search. Create various designs for any tastes, merchandise them and become an all-year-round successful seller. With a peak wedding season downturn, let’s start preparing for your next year's POD business growth right now.

wedding favors print on demand

Couples start planning their special day in advance. Guests are wondering how to buy a suitable gift in time too. So it is the right time to your customized goods now. Wedding tendencies bursting in 2022 after almost two years of pandemic calm will continue in 2023. So let’s figure out how to sell wedding prints on Etsy, being on a trendy wave. We’ve compiled some typical willing brides and grooms want to see in their gifts and ceremony accessories:

  • Bright saturated colors. Whether you sell printed candles or napkins, look for the earth tones (like ocean water on a sunny day, lava fire, or spring greens).
  • Gold, shine, and jewelry. Couples want their wedding to be luxurious after two years of limitations.
  • Comfort, warms, and softness. We’ll be relevant for those who sell blankets or pillows and wedding apparel. Make your goods as convenient for newlyweds and their guests as possible.
  • Welcome bags and proposal boxes. Nowadays, a simple invitation card can’t be enough. Instead, couples want to treat their guests even before they arrive with personalized gift packages containing goodies or product sets. 

Following the latest trendy ideas in wedding gifts, online shops can raise clients' attention to their items. Selling high-quality personalized stuff is one of the low-risk ways to earn regular profit. So with a custom design, you can satisfy any buyer's needs and adapt to changeable market demands.

Design Trends of 2022: What to Choose to Make Your POD Products More Attractive to Customers?

Engagements, weddings, bachelorette parties, anniversaries - there are so many occasions to use for your online shop items. Create customizable gifts to lighten the couples’ days and motivate them to leave in health and happiness. Goods with the printed newlyweds' initials, surnames, and a one-in-a-life date are favored by store clients. With such meaningful things, they can express best wishes, their love, and respect to the bride and groom.

Personalized presents are more than just last-minute purchases. That’s why both couples and their guests love them.

Your POD business can become a link connecting and strengthening these solid relationships. Therefore, wedding gifts are a perfect way to combine profitable business with pleasure activity.

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