Why Selling Print on Demand Tote Bags is a Good Idea?

What business ideas have greater chances of hitting it big? Certainly, those that keep abreast of the latest trends in the civilization development and simultaneously tap some inner essence of people. What are these two imperative summands of a successful business project today?

The first is the IT advent that is effectively transforming our planet into a digitalized world. The second is the customization drive urging an ever-increasing number of people to become owners of exclusive things that would expose their uniqueness in the largely standardized global culture of the early third millennium. On balance, launching an online store that sells POD products with an aim of turning it into the best print on demand site ticks both boxes, opening broad growth vistas before such an e-commerce project of yours.

In this highly competitive niche, it is crucial to decide upon the item that would become the staple of your POD trade. To hit the bull's eye with your choice, you should again consider what people of the 21st century care about most. With ecological awareness gathering significant traction nowadays, setting up a print on demand tote bag e-store has exceedingly appealing prospects.

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Why Starting a Tote Bag Business is Worthwhile?

How to Start a Tote Bag Business?

Top Five Print on Demand Suppliers for Tote Bags

How to Sell POD Tote Bags?

Final Thoughts

In fact, fabric bags with two parallel handles used for carrying things have been around since the 1940s and were originally meant for hauling ice and wood. Later, their application scope has expanded to include lugging any items a person might need to take along – from groceries and paperwork to gym gear and electronics. The convenience of these items was coupled with the simplicity of their manufacturing, so if your fingers were not all thumbs you could make your own tote bags for personal usage or sell tote bags from home. 

The popularity of tote bags took a severe blow in the mid-1960s when notorious plastic packets were invented to be produced in trillions just 50 years later. Being regarded as an extremely handy commodity at first, they have come all the way to be shunned as ecological outcasts that defile land and sea taking hundreds of years to decompose. 

As humankind wakes up to the recognition of the deleterious effect of plastic upon the environment, reusable tote bags are reclaimed from oblivion quickly turning again into a household necessity or even a trendy item. Thus, you can not only carry paraphernalia for school or a picnic trip in it but also make a fashion statement with it if you create your own tote bag design.

Given the boom in global environmental awareness and the pursuit of individual distinctness, kicking off an eco-friendly tote bag print on demand online store makes perfect sense.POD Store Examples to Learn From

If you want to make money selling tote bags online you should first figure out how to make tote bags to sell. To create tote bags, you are to take care of the two mission-critical elements of their manufacturing.

  • Materials. Being made of durable and easily washable fabric, print on demand cotton canvas tote bags stay on top of the public demand but you shouldn’t limit your creative endeavors to the canvas only. Today, a whole gamut of materials – from a range of textiles to vinyl and leather – is available to budding entrepreneurs in this realm. Moreover, you can cut and sew print on demand tote bags out of jeans, skirts, jackets, and other pre-loved garments thus partaking in the upcycling in-thing drive.

Giving thought to the cloth you shouldn’t neglect the hardware and stitching. Zippers, buttons, fasteners, rivets, and thread must be of high quality as well to avoid great fabric being wasted on a product with third-rate accessories. 

  • Design. It is not only about the choice of patterns to be displayed on your products. You should carefully lay out its size, shape, handle length, etc. leaving no exterior detail (like tote bags pockets, for instance) unattended. But since we are talking of the print of demand industry, it is the image on the bag that will ultimately condition its marketable value. Where can you have a plain bag decorated with the pattern of your dream?

Design Trends of 2021: What to Choose to Make Your POD Products More Attractive to Customers?

Top Five Print on Demand Suppliers for Tote Bags

While selecting a POD company you should pay attention to the quality of printing, the speed of shipping, and the affordability of services. We offer a roster of high-profile print on demand suppliers for making tote bags.


Offering a wide range of printing options (including sublimation, direct-to-garment, and even embroidery) and providing an opportunity to add custom tags and stickers to the items and packaging, this company is one of the leaders in the niche. Customization with Printful’s mockup generator is a cakewalk and manufacturing time within 5 business days is a pretty solid bid for your attention.


This France-located company with its full-cycle print on demand services is a perfect fit for the fast delivery of around three-dozen POD items (accessories included) all over Europe. A thing that makes it attractive for green-minded customers is the zero plastic eco-friendly packaging it employs.


This one is a US-based company so if you target the respective market choosing it is a natural thing to do. Its fortes are a huge catalog of POD products and under 3 business days production time.


The company delivers its products to over 200 countries all over the world and seamlessly integrates with the principal online sales channels. Its extensive product archive and fast shipment (within 72 hours, as a rule) make it a viable choice for a POD supplier. 


It has probably the production cycle with a two-day turnaround. SPOD provides an opportunity for design and image customization with the clients' own patterns and offers the most state-of-the-art printing options (such as laser transfer and special flex, to mention a few).

Once your POD tote bags are ready it is time to think of the ways to sell them.

tote bags print on demand store

How to Sell POD Tote Bags?

There are three major channels via which any e-commerce is effected and print on demand tote bag trade is no exception.


Your first move should be leveraging sales channels with an established name and high repute, so marketplaces are just what the doctor ordered for a fledgling tote bag maker. But the choice of such online venues should be approached with care since not all of them allow selling handmade items. In this respect, Etsy platform is the right pick. 

Social Media

In the digital epoch when all of us are present in social networks it would be a felony to miss this opportunity of marketing your products. So advertising and selling your POD products on Instagram or Facebook is a good opportunity to make yourself known to your potential clients and reach out to new markets.

Your Own E-Store

If you dabble at sewing an item or two from time to time, the two previous marketing channels (plus involving the word of mouth from your environment) would be enough to earn you an extra buck now and then. But in case you design and sell tote bags at a more or less professional level and scale, taking e-commerce as a source of serious income you can’t do without a site of your own and it is better to hire seasoned experts to develop it for you. Multi-Programming Solutions has sufficient experience and skills to do this job well and produce a high-end e-store at an affordable price.

Final Thoughts

In the time of the rising demand for customized products, print on demand online trade is rapidly growing into a lucrative business niche. Producing POD reusable tote bags you will keep in the wake of this trend and cater to the concerns of the green-minded target audience. 

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