Best Shopify Dropshipping Stores for Inspiration

Did you know that one in three online businesses in the US (32%) use Shopify? Experts call it the fastest growing online store builder on the global stage: in 2021, it managed to surpass Joomla, one of the market leaders. It’s no wonder because Shopify offers excellent opportunities for creating, running, and scaling your business, including for a dropshipping store. However, this article won't focus on the platform itself but those building businesses with its help for many years. We've rounded up 6 interesting and most successful examples in 2023 to help you get inspired.

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The list of Shopify dropshipping store examples

Notebook Therapy

Pet boutique




Best Choice Products

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Notebook Therapy 

Notebook Therapy Shopify dropshipping store examples

Shopify has many niche stores, and this is one of them: this dropshipping site offers East Asian stationery for every taste. What's more, it delivers them to customers all over the world for free! The store is a space for creative people, and its assortment consists of products that give a feeling of joy and harmony.  

  • Range: Notebooks, stickers, pencil cases, pens, bags, backpacks, and desktop accessories (organizers, cable holders, etc.).
  • Applications used: 
  1. Smart Search & Instant Search. Improved user experience at different stages of the purchase journey: convenient search bar and viewing products, quick switching between pages, and personalized recommendations.
  2. In Cart Upsell & Cross Sell. Convenient interaction with customers, motivation for repeat purchases, customization of offers, integration with useful third-party services.
  3. BEST Currency Converter. Prices are set depending on location and with automatic conversion, increasing audience trust and reducing the number of customer refusals.
  • Unique Features:
  1. Elegant design in light colors and bright accents to attract attention.
  2. Easy navigation between categories, sections for trending products, and seasonal collections.
  3. Detailed product page with clear descriptions, features, reviews, and lots of photos.
  4. Profitable offers, special discounts, and promotions for all holidays.
  5. Every buyer will definitely appreciate free shipping for all types of goods!

Pet boutique 

pet boutique Shopify dropshipping store

Another niche representative of Shopify, but this dropshipping store is dedicated to pets. The website does not cover hundreds of products for sale, but the available offers can be called true bestsellers. So what attracts customers so much? One of the reasons is impressive discounts for purchasing two or more products. The price can be reduced by 2 times, which is an excellent motivation for placing a large order. 

  • Range: plush accessories (bed, blanket, and pillow); pet jewelry.
  • Applications used:
  1. Sales Notification. Providing visitors with information about the latest sales and adding products to the cart, which builds brand trust and encourages them to buy "here and now."
  2. In Cart Upsell & Cross-Sell. Establishing customer interactions to attract additional purchases, connecting to helpful third-party services.
  3. Sticky Add To Cart & Buy Bar. Interface customization for quick and easy checkout.
  • Unique Features:
  1. Minimalistic design with a focus on real pet photos with branded products.
  2. Simple structure with 3 main sections, including shop, FAQ, and contacts.
  3. The shop consists of 2 categories. Each contains several best-selling products.
  4. An informative product page with parameters, a detailed description, guarantees, photos, and reviews with ratings.
  5. A discount system that motivates you to buy several product units at once.

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stardustleds Shopify drop shipping store example

This website deserves to be on our list of best dropshipping Shopify stores because it uses extraordinary solutions. It is easy to guess from the name that the range consists of lighting fixtures for every taste. So, the color scheme of the website is 100% consistent with its niche. It is a bold decision, but it is fully justified: the website visitors plunge into the neon atmosphere and feel vivid emotions from the upcoming (or ongoing) purchase.

  • Range: LED strips, music lights, Bluetooth speakers with light, luminous wall hooks, etc.
  • Applications used:
  1. Smart Labels. Attract attention with vibrant labels that can be customized and used for individual products and batches.
  2. Frequently Bought Together. Showing personalized recommendations and offering automated discounts based on the previous shopping experience.
  3. Abandoned Cart Recovery. Sending emails to visitors who have canceled a purchase, improving the checkout experience across devices.
  • Unique features:
  1. The bold design of the website in purple-pink colors, which matches the niche well.
  2. Intuitive interface with a convenient arrangement of elements.
  3. Colorful product cards with high-quality visuals (animations, photos, videos, diagrams), descriptions, delivery options, and reviews.
  4. Detailed information: FAQ, terms of use, return/exchange, privacy, manuals, and instructions.
  5. Shipping from the US for free, which motivates visitors to make quick decisions.


phonebibi Shopify drop shipping store

The Shopify top platform deals with drop shipping websites that have turned from niche to universal. An example is Phonebibi. It occupied quite a narrow niche but expanded its field of activity. Why? It's simple: you win if you can flexibly adapt to changes and choose the best options for business in the e-commerce market. The website presents products from fashion categories that are especially popular among young people. 

  • Range: accessories for mobile devices, accessories for cars, creative products, and gifts.
  • Applications used:
  1. Currency Converter Plus. Automated currency conversion depending on the visitor’s location and constant updating of exchange rates.
  2. Zendesk. Set up interaction with customers through different channels from one platform, including messages, calls, emails, chats, and social media.
  3. Original Wheelio spin pop-ups. Implementation of a game format to attract additional leads and collect information about visitors.
  • Unique features:
  1. Simple design (black text on a white background), not overloaded with details, colors, and information. 
  2. A call to subscribe to the newsletter that gives access to exclusive discounts.
  3. Demonstration of special offers, top sellers, and best-selling products on the main page.
  4. The most necessary product data with photos in different styles and colors.


meowingtons Shopify store examples

We included another pet seller in our top to show how dropshipping stores from similar niches can differ in approaches to working on Shopify. Yes, it’s also a thematic website, and it is dedicated to cats. Here you will find not only products for animals. You can also buy exciting products with images of cats or even print photos of your pet on any surface: mug, pillow, blanket, socks, T-shirt, or case. A separate section includes various gift options for cat lovers.

  • Range: goods for cats (treats, toys, beds, and furniture) and themed items for their owners (clothing, accessories, decor, bags, decorations, stickers, and books), image printing. 
  • Applications used:
  1. Product Reviews UGC. Convenient collection of reviews and user-generated content for the subsequent demonstration to visitors.
  2. Bold Sales Motivator. The introduction of various motivators (for example, profitable delivery, a nice gift), setting for certain geolocations.
  • Unique features:
  1. A unique design of the website, which combines an attractive design and good humor.
  2. It was a creative decision to divide the assortment into products "For people" and "For cats" to supplement them with festive goods and gifts.
  3. Going beyond sales: the store offers printing photos of cats for personal orders.
  4. Product page with GIF animations and comprehensive information.
  5. A non-standard interpretation of the blog, which features colorful comics about Milton the cat.

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Best Choice Products 

best choice products dropshipping store example

It is one of the best sellers on Shopify that has managed to stand out among the dropshipping websites thanks to its smart customer approach. The service implemented its own #mybcp and created a unique space where customers can share photos of purchased products. Agree, it’s a brilliant move in our time, taking into account the popularity of such content. Visual content is published on the website and is powerful proof of the seller’s professionalism. 

  • Range: accessories for the house, yard, and garden; toys, musical instruments, fitness equipment, pet products; decor for holidays.
  • Applications used: 
  1. Filters by Instant Search. Convenient searching through the catalog, choosing among collections, studying recommendations by buyers.
  2. Signified - Fraud Protection. Setting up the store in such a way as to avoid any fraudulent activities and maximize your income.
  • Unique features:
  1. Colorful design and bright home page, where you can immediately view best-selling products.
  2. An extensive catalog with 7 main categories. Each is divided into many subcategories.
  3. Combining new arrivals and sales into separate sections for easy search. 
  4. Social proof in the form of reviews and user photos with unique hashtag products.
  5. Shipping is free for all orders.
  1. A simple design without unnecessary details but with bold color schemes to match the corporate identity of the business.
  2. A clear product page with all the necessary information: from delivery terms and characteristics to interactive photos.
  3. Personalized offers for customers, tailored to their location, interests, and previous shopping experience.
  4. Effective SEO techniques: filling all pages with content, keywords in descriptions, meta tags, etc.
  5. Constant interaction with customers: in social networks, mailing lists, using hashtags.
  6. Thoughtful conditions for placing an order, purchase, and delivery depending on the customer's location.
  7. Flexible adaptation to market changes, adding seasonal goods and promotions for the holidays.
  8. Implementation of the best solutions for dropshipping sites that Shopify offers in its large digital store.

Shopify provides dropshipping businesses with a wide range of opportunities. But success in achieving business goals depends on website owners only. Before you start trading, we recommend that you take inspiration from the examples of successful entrepreneurs and take note of their strategies. It can help you choose the best dropshipping products and set a good profit margin, which are essential success factors in a niche. Also, do not forget to follow the market trends and adapt to your customers' preferences because they are your main critics and motivators. 

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