The Story of How the Smart Chinese Introduced the Global Practice of ePacket Delivery

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What associations do China goods’ delivery cause in you? Long and passionate waiting? Now those days are gone. Certainly, more than 10 years ago, international shipping was possible in the only way - across the sea on a large cargo ship. We could expect such delivery for weeks and even months. In addition, sellers purchased stuff in bulk at wholesale prices to recoup the logistics cost, carrying a certain risk. While the goods were sailing, fashion could change, and seasonal demand fell, threatening illiquid stocks forming.

However, one year changed everything. In 2011, sellers from China introduced a new model of international packages allowing them to lower shipping costs and track the whole good’s delivery path. The innovative solution has significantly reduced the time to transport customers’ orders worldwide by sending small packages by air. Trading has become cheaper and more profitable. In addition, you don’t need to buy a large batch of goods. Instead, small neat parcels with a personal tracking ID number will allow you to establish a victorious e-Commerce business.

What is ePacket delivery from China? We’ll lift the veil on the service and its benefits for online sales. With this guide, you’ll probably find some ideas, on how to diversify your sales and increase the target audience.

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What Is ePacket?

How does ePacket work using Chinese suppliers as an example?

How to use ePacket dropshipping on Shopify and WooCommerce?

USPS requirements to use the ePacket delivery

Which countries have ePacket shipping?

Instead of conclusions: ePacket and dropshipping

The United States and China established an alternative and economical method for shipping goods almost a decade ago. The rules developed for e-Commerce needs have subsequently expanded to other countries in a few years. 

Now, the ePacket delivery shipping method allows sellers to transport small parcels (up to 2 kg) more quickly and efficiently. By introducing a simpler and more convenient logistic system, the Chinese businessmen planned to improve procedures for selling goods abroad. And they did it. 

The delivery time decreased to 10-20 days, a maximum of a month, within the ePacket option. It is much faster than all previous international shipping methods. In addition, a customer can track a parcel with a unique ID number on the USPS website. The exact package location in real time gives more peace of mind and confidence in the successful transaction to the buyer and seller.

What is the ePacket shipping method in means of its key participants? It’s a thoughtful chain, where responsibility is transferred from one link to another. Let’s describe this topic in more detail.

The process starts at the merchant's warehouse. A local carrier transfers the package through the country of origin to its customs post. Here international company takes over and manages the ePacket delivery from China to the recipient's country. Then the local logistics company (the USPS in the US) ships the order to the final buyer.  

Mainly, packages are carried out to the recipient's door, except for cases where the addressees live outside the service’s delivery area. If that happens, they can receive the parcels at the company's branch. Depending on the carriers’ policy, delivery time and prices may vary. 

Now when you know what a Chinese alternative delivery is and how it can affect your business, let’s find out its practical use.

Store owners can fully benefit from the ePacket shipping delivery service from China. Trading international goods is an excellent solution for Shopify and WooCommerce sellers of small and medium-value products. 

ePacket saves your money and provides a variety of items in a line with WooCommerce print on demand stuff. The low service price allows merchants to offer free delivery to customers' locations, which positively impacts the store’s reputation. To organize ePacket dropshipping from China with Shopify and WooCommerce, you should: 

  1. Find a supplier that sends parcels via ePacket. This information is indicated in the seller’s shipping methods. So Aliexpress dropshipping model and DHGate already support ePacket through their markets. 
  2. Import a list of products you will sell within the ePacket delivery policy on Shopify or WooCommerce account: toys, baby stuff, clothes, home decor, jewelry, or other popular items. Shopify dropshipping examples may help to draw a niche that suits your needs.
  3. Learn additional customs fees and list them in your advertisements. Your clients should know the total price they’ll need to pay after the package arrives at the destination. 
  4. Monitor the order’s location using tracking applications (Aftership or TrackingMore). There are also several ways to monitor the geolocation of an order: on the USPS or China Post website.

With an ID number, the end user, seller, and supplier can track the parcel’s real-time location. After sending goods from the original point, the merchant from China reports the ID to the buyer. Tracking ePacket delivery provides an honest and transparent process for international trading. Determining the order’s geolocation significantly reduces the risk of product loss or theft.

As you see, using Shopify shipping with ePacket, vendors can sell Chinese products in the USA and across the globe. The difference lies in the expenses.

Besides, how much does it cost to use ePacket delivery on Shopify? So, a light 0.5 kg package will be sent to the US for $5. A 2 kg package (the maximum possible weight) will cost $20 - 22. 

Can you send any stuff internationally with this option? No, there are strict rules for low-cost transfers. Let’s have an eye for them.

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Sellers can set up ePacket on Shopify and realize products through their online store within certain restrictions. So, you can’t send large or heavy items by this delivery type. However, it is worth considering some rules:

  • Weight. A package can’t exceed 2 kg. This number includes goods, paper, boxes, and fillers. 
  • Standard packet’s size. Minimum length = 14 cm, minimum width = 11 cm. Maximum length = 60 cm, maximum length + width + thickness = 90 cm, 2 mm error is acceptable.
  • Rolls size. Minimum length = 10 cm, minimum length + 2 diameters = 17 cm. Maximum length = 90 cm, maximum length + 2 diameters = 104 cm.
  • Price. Chinese merchants can’t send items with a cost of more than $400. So choose products with a low or middle price for ePacket.

How to fulfill dropshipping orders by ePacket on Shopify with a smaller item? Usually, merchants put fillers in the box to fix the items’ position inside and ship a package as standard. 

An item that does not comply with USPS requirements cannot be sent by ePacket. In addition, the service operates only in 46 countries. Let's get acquainted with them in more detail if you plan to mail goods worldwide from China.

track ePacket parcel from China

Thanks to an innovative option negotiated over 10 years ago, cost-effective and fast international shipping has become a global coveted item. The lucky 46 ePacket countries 2022 include all states of America, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Great Britain, and some European countries like France, Germany, Poland, Portugal, etc.

Parcels’ shipping prices may differ according to the rates of local carrier services. Also, some logistics companies have ePacket delivery instructions that differ from USPS. For example, you can send a 3 kg package (instead of 2) to Israel. Shipping terms and conditions for each country are described in the rules of local carriers.

What are sellers looking for in international trade? They seek sales expansion and product range diversity, non-available when selling in the local area. 

Customers are also attracted by the opportunity to get an imported product with just a few clicks in your store. Having studied how to set up ePacket shipping on Shopify, worldwide sales have become much more accessible. Merchants and buyers receive undeniable advantages:

  • a greater variety of highly specialized stuff; 
  • affordable price for a good-quality product; 
  • ePacket tracking on Shopify or other markets for orders’ shipping control; 
  • fast and inexpensive delivery directly to the buyer's door; 

Is ePacket a reliable service? Yes, it works fairly and almost without delays, except for holidays and peak periods. In addition, your store will not receive a commission fee if the package is not delivered to the recipient. A service guarantees a customer’s refund without additional seller’s taxes for disrupted delivery. Thus, it becomes a low-risk method without out-of-pocket expenses. 

Should you only use ePacket for dropshipping? Of course, no. Suppliers propose several ways to deliver stuff worldwide. But with ePacket dropshipping, you can satisfy customers much faster while saving their money. Moreover, a positive customer experience in cooperation with your shop can increase the chances of their returning and attracting additional clients. Thus, you will top up sales and earn a trusted seller reputation.

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