How to Make Your Business Global With Print On Demand

According to the latest print on demand worldwide news, this particular type of business is gaining popularity at extreme rates. And there are many reasons for this, with one of the main being the fact that almost any company, regardless of its size, cannot miss a good opportunity to go global and significantly expand its areas of success. 

Receiving orders from different parts of the world, developing individual designs according to customer requirements, and sending finished products anywhere in the world, you will be convinced by your own experience of the limitlessness of your possibilities.

Whether you are an artist, a graphic designer, or a photographer- print on demand fulfillment and worldwide dropshipping will surely give you plenty of chances to show off your best design and creative skills. It is also a great way to challenge yourself to an entrepreneurial spirit. In any other cases, you can always hire or partner up with talented people and develop your international business together.

Table of Contents

Finding Global Products

International Shipping

Provide Worldwide Localization

Pay Attention to Shipping Time

Calculate Taxes and VAT

Work With the Marketing Strategy

Choose the Best Print On-Demand Services


Surely, when choosing a product to create and distribute, you need to focus on its best-selling type. That’s why market segmentation is a must effort. That is, determine which of the segments of the print on demand worldwide market would be most profitable for you to occupy. It is very important to understand here that it is not always worth choosing the type of product that you are already familiar with. Or the one you simply would like to produce because you like it individually. There are a lot of segments to this market, and there are many “potholes” to dig out more profits.

For instance, some of the highly demanded segments right now include hobbies, interests, sports, and profession. Products in these market niches are capable of generating good profit for the company due to the great dedication of the audience to the items related to their usual way of life.

Alternatively, you can schedule the most popular holidays in the world of the year and develop the most appropriate designs seasonally. How can you imagine a year without, for instance, Christmas or Halloween shopping rush? Target these world famous holidays and design for your audience. Finally, consider the possibility of producing niche white label products.

Top 30+ Print-on-Demand Product Ideas

To tell the truth, this is the second most difficult task. Let's say you already have a great product that sells well locally. But print on demand selling worldwide can be yet another challenge and, sometimes, even a major obstacle many entrepreneurs face.

As the practice of many companies shows, the creation and integration of several delivery channels in different countries, processing different currencies is quite difficult and not always beneficial for the company in the long run. Alternatively, you can use international delivery services, but this can also greatly affect the price of your product due to the high cost of international delivery.

One of the solutions to this issue is to find sponsors in those countries where you are going to deliver from your country. Of course, if there are no legal restrictions between countries. In this case, you will have a well-functioning supply chain and the problem will be solved. Larger companies use the approach of locating production in other countries and save on international supplies. On top of that, amongst all the fierce competition, this significantly reduces the delivery time, which definitely pleases the client and encourages them to choose your product.

Useful Tips for a Small Business: How to Lower Shipping Costs

The eCommerce localization process involves adapting content, products, and services to the market of the country where you intend to sell them. Many people mistakenly believe that localization is simply translation of texts into other languages. In fact, it is still a deeper process that additionally includes adapting images or visual elements, formatting types, all user interface and design elements, payment methods, and more.

To remain in demand in the print on demand services global industry, you need to be able to communicate effectively with your target audience. A company preparing for global development cannot neglect localization processes, as they are critical to its ultimate success.

Enhancing your business strategy with the help of effective localization results in:

  • Sharper competitive edge;
  • Higher customer satisfaction rates;
  • Higher brand loyalty rates;
  • Increased profits in the long run.
Business Global With Print On Demand

In terms of currencies, be sure to add conversions for all currencies you are working with. Their absence is often the reason for serious customer churn.

The company's path to the global market is thorny. Obstacles such as legal issues, logistical difficulties, cultural and communication barriers can slow down a company's progress. 

Unfortunately, all the pitfalls of localization are unavoidable, but it can help you overcome those cultural barriers, avoid potential cultural mistakes, and protect your brand image. The better your localization strategy is, the faster you will be able to promote your company in a new market.

Pay Attention to Shipping Time

What exactly is print on demand (PoD)? Basically, it is an order fulfillment method that allows printing items immediately upon receiving the order. The overall performance of print on demand global shipping is measured over time and plays a very important role. Total lead time depends on print lead time + delivery time. 

If you can automate this process at the proper level, then the print lead time and delivery will be acceptable for the efficient operation of the company. Typically, it takes 2 to 7 days to complete the print, depending on the order size. In competitive print on demand and global distribution, try to stay within these limits.

Now let's talk a little about taxes and VAT for PoD. Sales tax, as you probably already guessed from its name, is nothing more than a tax that is levied on each sale made. This "sales tax" applies to the total of 45 states in the United States, including the Washington, DC area.

The EU countries and the UK have something similar in their tax systems. This is the so-called "value added tax" (VAT). Some other countries call it "goods and services' tax" (GST).

The main difference between the sales tax and the VAT/GST is that sales tax is charged to the buyer only at the final stage of the purchase, and VAT/GST - at each stage of production. So when you are ready to sell products all over the world, these are the stages to pass through: printing, selling, and shipping.

Sales tax and VAT are fairly straightforward for purchases for which they were originally created and have been around for decades. But with the galloping growth of online trading, these types of taxes have become much more complicated. The reason for this is the globalization of buying and selling. People now buy products from different states, countries, and different continents. So complications in taxation for eCommerce cannot be avoided.

Another very important point to consider in the tax activities of the company is that the owners of the companies must collect sales tax on their own, and not directly from the buyers. Further, the collected taxes should be listed monthly, quarterly or annually, depending on which jurisdiction your company and your client are located under.

Always remember that the foggy, dizzying world of taxes, different rates, and legislatures will sooner or later hold you accountable for violations, if any. Therefore, be sure to take care of setting the right rates for your clients. And then, you still need to transparently report and submit all this correctly in order to avoid legal troubles, fines, and penalties from the tax authorities.

Finally, your company has settled all the formalities and is ready for the first order. Now you need a clear business plan and marketing strategy for each individual country you intend to work with. It will greatly enable you to run a successful business with different audiences and at all levels.

PoD marketing is very saturated, which manifests itself in a high degree of competition. That’s why it is vital for a company to be able to present the brand in such a way as to stand out from the peers using well-known marketing methods. Below you will find several ways to promote your company in the market.

In order to efficiently promote your products in the PoD market:

Print-on-demand means choosing the print partner that's best for your eCommerce business. But how do you choose the best print on-demand fulfillment services when there are so many options on the market?

Even at the start of your print on demand business, it is recommended to take into account its likely global scaling, since switching to another partner may cost you a change in the product line.

10 benefits that a potential print partner should be able to offer include:

  1. Cost-efficient product and delivery plans;
  2. Wide product range and high quality of materials;
  3. Time-efficient shipping;
  4. eCommerce integrations;
  5. Innovative approaches to printing and PoD;
  6. Transparent communication;
  7. High client service level;
  8. Positive reviews and social testimonials;
  9. Branding;
  10. Transparency of business and social responsibility.

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Expanding your print on demand business globally is not just about increasing the number of customers. These are also great challenges and opportunities for improving the company's business processes, defining new concepts, and strengthening the social position, which are now a higher priority for consumers. You are faced with the daunting task of realizing the amalgamation of diversity in a globalized business. So good luck out there and hope this feature comes in handy.

MarketingNovember 5, 2021
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