How to Start a Print on Demand Business in Europe in 2024

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The international expansion of the e-commerce market has positively impacted the print on demand business. Now, users from the most remote corner of the globe can order personalized goods and deliver them within a day. There are very few things you can’t put your branded design on; special printers can do this on anything - from home pillows to pets’ collars. So, it’s not a secret that competition between entrepreneurs is high. That’s due to the accessibility and simplicity of creating an online shop and providing sales even without any inventory.

In this guide, we’ll describe how to start a thriving POD business in Europe in 2024, draw a portrait of a modern buyer, and give some tips on establishing successful sales.

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Europe Print on Demand Market Overview

Top Key Print On Demand Players in Europe

Why do Printful and Printify users use PodZa?

Start your side hustle with print on demand in Europe


The printing industry in Europe is booming now, just like in any other part of the world. The POD market size has increased significantly in the past few years and is expected to increment 23,9% in CAGR up to 2031. The major factor of this expansion lies in the growing acceptance of e-commerce websites, where customers can order exceptional personalized products online without attending land-based shops. POD entrepreneurs can easily reach potential clients via branded stores, marketplace accounts, and tailored advertisements on social media.

UK, France, and Germany keep a leading position in online retail sales, which print on demand services should consider when localizing their stores and designing products for the target audience. When building a business in the EU, shop owners should focus on buyers' preferences to succeed. European customers anticipate short turnarounds for their orders. Production and shipping delays are often reasons for canceling purchases and turning to alternative online sellers. Such issues may also negatively impact brands’ reputations. Disappointed clients leave unfavorable reviews, which may discourage others from dealing with the firm.

Apparel dominates among the European print on demand segments. Other popular products include home decor, drinkware, accessories, etc. Buyers highly appreciate sustainable goods. They increasingly value eco-friendliness both in production and packaging. So, if you want to succeed in providing printing services in the EU, pay attention to nontoxic materials and resource-saving technologies. Your personalized assortment may help build credibility and appeal to environmentally aware consumers.

If you need a pinch of inspiration for organizing your business, take a look at the best POD entrepreneurs who fulfill thousands of orders daily and provide excellent customer experience through their stores.

Several online printing services in Europe stand out for their quality and reliability. These platforms encourage individuals and companies of all sizes to design and sell custom items cost-effectively and efficiently. They offer a plethora of POD products, competitive pricing, and fast shipping. Additionally, all the websites provide seamless integrations with the most popular e-commerce marketplaces, which guarantees access to a broad customer base and regular orders.


Apliiq print on demand company in Europe

One of the most distinctive printing companies in Europe in 2024, Apliiq specializes in custom applications on clothes and accessories. The site offers a wide range of ready-made, unique illustrations, patches, and embroideries. Customers can choose a pre-designed item or create their own solution dedicated to a specific event. The online platform ensures a simple user interface and navigation, making the crafting and purchasing process as seamless as possible. From basic t-shirts and socks to stylish jackets, users can customize almost every outfit and develop their own apparel.

Along with limitless personalization, Apliiq allows clients to add branded labels to every item and customize shipping slips. Thus, this POD platform has become a trustworthy print on demand dropshipping partner in Europe for hundreds of online stores and individual entrepreneurs.


gelato print on demand Europe

Gelato maintains the leading position among POD firms and ships orders to over 30 countries worldwide. With its global reach and wide range of services, it caters to the majority of online sellers. The company’s product catalog, including clothing, stickers, posters, and stationery, satisfies a modern buyer's diverse needs and requirements.

The platform supports hassle-free integration with the most widely used marketplaces, such as Woocommerce, Shopify, Etsy, Wix, and others. This helps online store owners organize branded merchandise, with Gelato handling order fulfillment and delivery.

The company stays up-to-date with the latest POD trends in 2024. It prioritizes sustainability at every stage of its business workflow, reducing carbon emissions and minimizing the overall negative environmental impact.

Printful, Inc.

printful pod provider Eupore

If you are looking for a reliable supplier to help you develop and grow your print on demand business in Europe, spend some time exploring the vast opportunities of Printful’s service. The company's popularity is spreading through word of mouth, and there are several reasons for this. It allows online sellers to create and distribute items under their own brand, offering unmatched quality and competitive pricing. The Printful team owns the entire production line and fulfills orders at their in-house facilities. 

POD entrepreneurs can gain access to over 2500 mockups, generate their own product templates with unique illustrations, and download them into online store listings. Although the service doesn’t offer screen print, several other options still guarantee durable results and vibrant colors. From DTG and DTF techniques to embroideries, brands can choose the one that suits their goals and satisfies customer needs. 

Printify, Inc. 

Printify printing company Europe

Many new print-on-demand sellers in the EU are starting their e-commerce journey by working with Printify. The service offers vast opportunities to build a business from scratch, scale it further, and expand it globally. Over 8 million vendors from all over the planet trust the platform, which is 100% free to use. Basic functionality is limited to 5 connected stores.

Working with a service is pretty simple. Merchants create personal profiles and add Woocommerce or  Shopify integration (other sources are also available). Then, they choose from 900+ blank products, upload files with their own design, or generate them in the special creator. Ready templates are published in the online store's product listings. Sellers set the margin and receive profit after every successful deal. Just like in all other dropshipping POD services, Printify is responsible for production, quality control, fulfillment, and shipment.

E-commerce businesses with fully stocked warehouses, printing equipment, and hundreds of orders from connected partners require trustworthy and convenient software to manage routine processes and handle chaos. PodZa is a wise solution for POD companies that want to streamline workflows and free up time or resources for priority tasks. 

MPS app allows the invitation of partners’ stores and syncs products, orders, and stock data, minimizing manual entry and reducing the risk of errors. Build-in application features ensure process automation. Now, it is easier to process purchases from multiple sellers, organize fulfillment, track shipments, and control stock. Printing services can streamline artwork generation, create collections within a few seconds, add invoices, set discount prices, and much more. Making business and gaining profit becomes easier with PodZa as all the processes and communication can be handled in a single place.

Companies like Printful or Printify may attract more partners, as MPS app integrations benefit them, too. Online store owners can easily import product listings and descriptions from the connected service, calculate profit, and analyze payment history. Robust analytics and reporting tools provide valuable insights into sales performance, order trends, and customer behavior. This data empowers PodZa users to make informed decisions and optimize their POD strategies for greater efficiency and productivity.

podza print on demand app Europe

Even if you have never been involved in e-commerce before, you can take the first steps in creating an online POD business without interrupting your main work. You may print stickers at home, compile manga like other publishers, or dropship goods from other services. Just like in any other region, you should identify your niche and choose a product (or several) to customize. Analyze users’ preferences, the latest industry trends, and competitors’ offerings. Build a solid online presence to reach more potential clients and market your brand. Then, find a POD supplier who will fulfill orders so you can start earning money. 

As your company grows, you may change the model, turning to your own printing service with stocked warehouses and equipment. Learn some tips on how to create a business like Printify, stand out within the competitive market, and scale your company faster.

Sell non-standard products

Let’s figure out what it means. You may take a basic idea from digital fabric printing in Europe or a simple pattern and add some unique element that increases its value and solves clients’ pain points. For instance, if you prefer merchandising summer products like customized swimsuits, you may add a tiny pocket with a zip-lock for small items. This example may not be perfect for copying, but it showcases how you may combine different ideas when brainstorming new products.

Anyway, selling non-standard print on demand items in Europe can lead to success. Differentiation will help your brand stand out from the crowd. By offering something dissimilar to mainstream goods, you’ll attract buyers who seek individuality. With a large variety of subcultures, you may design something that will conquer the hearts and minds of a specific public. You’ll be able to tap into niche markets and develop even more specialized products, researching the preferences of specific communities.

A non-standard approach often results in a higher margin. Unlike the mass-market offerings,  your one-of-a-kind proposition will have no alternatives, so customers may want to pay more for a unique look from your store. You can find trendy ideas on Etsy in our research.

Innovations often help popularize brands faster, as your company offers remarkable and memorable stuff no one else can. Last but not least, selling unique, custom items will unleash your talent and allow you to express yourself.

Top 30+ Print-on-Demand Product Ideas [Update 2024]

Deliver fast across Europe

As we’ve already mentioned above, customers in the EU will choose sellers who can guarantee faster shipping at a wise price. That’s why POD businesses should pay close attention to delivery issues. Speeding up the process is quite possible if you follow several tips: 

  • First and foremost, if you dropship custom stuff, choose a Europe-based supplier. Having printing facilities in the target location minimizes the risks of delays and reduces costs. So, if you plan to merchandise POD products in Poland, browse for reliable services in this area instead of establishing partnerships in Spain.
  • Suppose you own a large corporation (like a textile printing service in Europe) and can afford additional investments. In this case, you may open local fulfillment centers. This will expedite orders and decrease shipping times. Being closer to customers is always beneficial because it allows you to organize faster turnover most cost-effectively.
  • Automate order processing. Use dedicated software like PodZa to redirect orders to the nearest fulfillment center. The process will work 24/7, ensuring efficient shipping.
  • Optimize packaging to reduce handling and transiting time. Adequate weights and dimensions may speed up the delivery.
  • For timely shipping, choose trustworthy carriers with extensive networks and positive reviews. DHL, GLS, and DPD are examples of reputable services in Europe.

Printing & Shipping: the Best Options Worldwide

Let your clients pay in their local currency 

Online store visitors may often be put off by prices in currencies they don’t recognize. They can even abandon purchases added to their shopping cards if they don’t understand conversion details and the final amount of money they need to pay. However, there is a proven method for dealing with such challenges and increasing the retention rate.

The best print on demand services in Europe enhance convenience and build trust among customers by integrating multi-currency payment processors into their platforms. This allows clients to view prices and make purchases in their preferred manner. Such an approach will give your international visitors a more positive buying experience.

As an option, you can integrate conversion plugins and let your users learn about real-time exchange rates. Also, provide transparent information about any additional charges and fees your buyers may face.

Support a variety of payment methods commonly used in Europe, including Visa and Mastercard debit/credit cards, PayPal, Sofort, Giropay, and others. The more familiar options you’ll offer, the larger customer base you’ll cover.

Manage your warehouse

Stop wasting time and money with inefficient inventory management. Regardless of your niche, be it print on demand clothes in Europe or jewelry, your warehouse, packed with materials, requires dedicated software like PodZa. Its integration into your corporate system will help to handle the following tasks:

  • Track stock levels, giving up-to-date information about product availability.
  • Consolidate data across multiple warehouses.
  • Notify about out-of-stock products.
  • Generate packing slips and labels.
  • View information about all the movements of items.
  • Group products by categories.
  • Use historical data to forecast future replenishments and much more.

Warehouse management also includes various measures to ensure suitable storage conditions, which are essential for preserving the quality and integrity of products and consumables. For example, if you make t-shirt printing in Europe, you should maintain consistent temperature and humidity levels to prevent destructive processes. Owners should also implement proper ventilation and airflow to avoid moisture buildup and mold growth. Use shelving and pallet racking to organize and store items efficiently, minimizing the risk of damage or spoilage. Additionally, it’s crucial to provide special guidelines to ensure employee safety and compliance with regulations. 

Like in other regions, including North and Latin America, the European e-commerce market grows yearly. So, every new POD entrepreneur can do their best plunging into this lucrative industry with vast opportunities for business development and scaling. Although the competition among printing companies is high, you can always find new methods to stand out among rivals. Get familiar with the most popular POD websites, explore current trends, and generate brilliant ideas for improving the existing assortment.  

European customers prefer non-standard solutions to mass-market offerings. They pay close attention to sustainable items, the possibility of paying in local currency, and fast shipping. 

Regardless of your business model, you may benefit from using PodZa. This software will help you automate routine processes, manage orders and inventory, and ensure the best customer experience and high conversion.

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