New Trends and Predictions for Print on Demand in 2022

The print on demand market size is growing every year. The main goal of every business is to ensure the highest possible quality at inexpensive cost of production. Let’s see what trends will help you run a profitable print on demand business.

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New Print Industry Trends in 2022

New Opportunities for Print on Demand Business 2022

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COVID-19 is not quite a print on demand trend of 2022; however, it has had quite an impact on our lives. It is the reason many people are changing their line of work.This means that the competition in some industries, including printing services, will become even tougher. Companies will have to invest more effort in attracting the target audience:

POD trends in 2022:

  • Products with a bright and even oversaturated color palette.
  • Psychedelic themes.
  • Active promotion of a personal brand in popular social networks. Business owners will benefit from studying the algorithms for attracting target audience on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.
  • Numerous clients want to research print on demand by testing new product samples at minimal cost.

Pay attention to the expected economic downturn in 2022. No one can say for sure whether the recession will happen. However, the most creative companies can survive in any crisis by offering the best products for a mutually beneficial price.

The key to succeeding in the POD industry in 2022 will remain the same: digital technologies.

Hybrid organization of workflow

The hybrid structure assumes equal job opportunities in a remote work environment under the restrictions created by COVID-19. This can be best facilitated by the use of POD software designed to scale the integrated opportunities print on demand 2022. The result of such a hybrid organization is a significant increase in the productivity of full-time employees, prompt completion of tasks by people involved in the manufacturing, and quick fulfillment of orders from partner companies.

Cloud technologies

Experience with cloud technologies ensures quick modernization of old infrastructure and reliable protection from potential threats. It does not mean that the cloud will be relevant for all participants of the POD market – a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises do not need cloud technologies. However, industry leaders focused on partnering with the best MPS providers have the best chances to succeed with the help of these technologies.


This may seem like an insignificant argument to some people. However, cloud-based print information platforms help reduce power consumption and, as a result, reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Quality of service

The main problem the majority of companies face is the outflow of specialists who prioritize their personal life over work. Print on demand technologies are in need of hybrid business models that can enable remote workers to participate in the work of the company.

PodZa is one of the best tools for realizing the full potential of POD workflow optimization.

Intelligent Workplaces

After the pandemic is over, employees are going to return to their workplaces. MPS providers will offer effective IoT solutions for 2022. A smart workplace will provide the employee with the most comfortable conditions for safe and productive work. This includes occupancy monitoring, table and room reservations, and even environmental sensors.

Advanced Analytics

If you aim to become an industry leader, you need to invest in data analysis. The key to success is having predictive analytics of product and customer data. As a result you will get increased customer engagement from providing them with modern business models and, of course, improving the quality of services.

Advanced Growth Conditions

The latest MPS services provide you with modern technologies and advanced opportunities in the IT space. You get access not only to cloud computing, but also to print on demand experts. Analytics and automation will help your company to reach a leading position in the highly competitive printing market.

In 2022, MPS providers will be even more motivated to improve their relationships with partners and clients.

print on demand growth conditions

Intelligent Automation

Nowadays, artificial intelligence is the best solution for optimizing business processes. Intelligent automation involves robotization of repetitive tasks and manual work. As a result, you get an optimization of the work of employees who will then be able to focus on solving other production problems.

Intelligent automation creates a balance between manual labor and the full robotization of the printing industry.

Corporate Metaverse

This technology promises exciting prospects, such as digital copies of office buildings. To some people, this may seem unrealistic in today's conditions. Nevertheless, a business metaverse based on interactive and immersive technologies is not only an exciting experience, but also a confident step into the future, where AR and VR will soon become the main trends.

Let's not forget about the threats to POD market participants

With the involvement of remote staff and business partners in production processes, the possibility of data leakage and vulnerability due to cyber attacks increases. To protect yourself against this potential issue, you need to use a trusted software such as PodZa or a similar one.

The PodZa platform is the best solution for all companies involved in the POD industry:

  • You provide drop shipping services or have a warehouse? PodZa is a program that will ensure the integration of your business processes with online stores. Integration with Etsy and Shopify is currently possible, and in the future Amazon, eBay, Woocommerce, etc. will be added to the list.
  • You have equipment to print on all sorts of products (mugs, t-shirts, sweatshirts, pillows, rugs, hats, or even jewelry)? Due to the huge range of dropshipping services available, manually organizing business processes becomes difficult. PodZa is a software product that will solve all the challenges.
  • You have a developed affiliate network of online B2B trading? PodZa is a perfect solution for organizing and systematizing your business processes. Your partners will always be able to join you. In order to do this, they will need to connect their online stores to your application and upload information about their products.

Need an effective PodZa solution that would meet the printing trends 2022? Just contact us by filling in the form on our website. A manager will soon contact you, answer all of your questions and offer the best options for further cooperation.   

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