AliExpress Dropshipping for the Most Advanced Platforms

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Dropshipping stands for easy e-Commerce business management without significant investments into inventory and logistics. It includes placing products into an online store, maintaining orders, and redirecting them to suppliers for fulfillment and shipment. Entrepreneurs have thousands of variants to make a good start for sales, and AliExpress is an excellent source of reliable suppliers, counting 10000 sellers worldwide.

The marketplace runs in over 230 areas, suggesting trendy items like jewelry, cloth, home decor, mobile device accessories, toys, and other low-cost AliExpress dropshipping products. Merchants can easily place listings on their websites, add markups, process orders, purchase them (from a supplier) at wholesale prices, and then ship packages direct-to-customer. The process doesn't sound too complicated. So keep reading to figure out how to do AliExpress dropshipping on several e-Commerce platforms and take the most advantages from online sales.

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Benefits of dropshipping with AliExpress

How much does it cost to dropship on AliExpress?

Using AliExpress to dropship on the world's most advanced platforms



There are several reasons to choose the Chinese trading platform as a product source for a digital store. So look at some advantages of following the AliExpress dropshipping program:

  • Inexpensive goods. For instance, made-in-China items cost much less than American ones. So providing e-Commerce dropshipping can be more profitable than selling goods from internal suppliers.
  • Fair pricing. While merching stuff from foreign vendors, you have higher markup and give your clients affordable prices. So, you may pay off business investments quicker, keeping the store competitive.
  • Trendy waves. Hot items appear on the marketplace overnight. AliExpress dropshipping booster program will contribute to quickly finding popular stuff the youth embrace or importing new listings already in demand. Your business can top up just on modern crazes with the right marketing campaign.
  • Large product range. An online store can take a specific niche, thanks to the millions of items from different categories vendors propose. Moreover, you can experiment with numerous goods to find the most attractive ones for clients.
  • Premium shipment. By obtaining AliExpress dropshipping from China, you can benefit from ePacket delivery. This option allows sending lightweight packages to Canada, the USA, the UK, and other countries within 7-14 days at a moderate cost.

Now when you are familiar with AliExpress dropshipping benefits for business, let’s talk about the expenses entrepreneurs need to spend selling goods from the popular marketplace.

Starting an e-Commerce business with zero investments is always attractive for beginners. But whether it is possible to open an AliExpress dropshipping store without money, that's the question we’ll answer in this article.

So at the initial stage, you may start merching from the foreign supplier 100% free. But some investments can be necessary for further development. If you create an online shop on Shopify or WooCommerce, you don’t have to pay for it. Still, Shopify gives only a 14-day free trial. The following basic subscribing plan costs $29 per month. Also, expenses will follow when you want to build a customized storefront.

For example, signing up to Shopify, you receive a URL by default. But when changing it to (as an example), you should buy a domain and pay for hosting. The same thing with a WooCommerce shop on a WordPress basis. It requires zero costs to create an internet shop, but you may spend about $15 annually to assign the website address and $50 for a basic hosting plan, including unlimited space and an SSL certificate.

Other expenses may occur while filling a digital store with AliExpress products. If you have a few items to list, that’s half an issue. But when the assortment widens, manually importing goods would become time-consuming. In this case, some special tools will come to the rescue, providing inventory management at an affordable price. For example, DSers advanced plan will cost $19.99 per month. Please, notice that most programs have free trials or cheap basic options that suit your small business needs.

And, of course, you can spend some money on marketing for faster customer base growth. Thus, to stand in line with the best AliExpress dropshipping stores, it’s better to consider Google ads ($1-2 per click), Facebook promotions ($5.95 per 1000 impressions), or other marketing strategies.

By the way, you don’t spend your own money buying suppliers’ products. Instead, clients pay for their orders online. Then, you purchase Chinese items at a wholesale price, adding a margin to the budget. That’s how AliExpress dropshipping works. 

As we’ve found, building an e-Commerce selling store is free. But its handling requires some investment. Many trading platforms allow practicing to learn what AliExpress dropshipping is and how to make sales effective. So let’s figure out nuances you’ll face while creating a virtual storefront.

Which is More Important for Your Business: Dropshipping or Affiliate Marketing? Figuring It Out

As a vendor, you’ll get a competitive benefit: better serving and faster finding clients than your rivals. In addition, good marketing, process optimization (e.g., using the best dropship app for Shopify or other stores), and high-quality support will contribute to an excellent user experience and establish easy ways to distinguish your shop in the e-Commerce market. So let’s dive deeper into the online trading topic on various digital stores.


Developing an e-Commerce business may be challenging. Still, by taking one step at a time, you’ll become more confident with the Shopify AliExpress dropshipping and can develop a successful digital store with high annual revenue. Here are some tips on how to begin selling items directly from a manufacturer (supplier) without investments in warehouses and inventory:

  1. Build an internet store.
  2. Select a niche for AliExpress dropshipping on Shopify.
  3. Audit the suppliers’ list and one or several to build solid relationships.
  4. Import listings from a marketplace to a personal website and set unique descriptions and markups.
  5. Get orders and redirect them to suppliers.
  6. Advertise web stores to grow traffic.
  7. Calculate income.

Useful dropshipping software to streamline product importing and managing your digital store is listed above. You should only choose what better suits your goals and budget to start scaling the business.

Best Shopify Dropshipping Stores for Inspiration


As it was mentioned earlier, you should create a storefront first. The e-Commerce platform appreciates the Chinese market partnership, providing WooCommerce AliExpress dropshipping extension. This plugin automates goods downloading and other processes, saving entrepreneurs time on money-generating ideas, not routine management. You can optimize such critical operations:

  • Search AliExpress items using keywords.
  • Download stuff with a single button.
  • Find trends for WooCommerce dropshipping.
  • Update prices and stocks.
  • Set up markup rules.
  • Control items’ visibility on a website front page.

With a digital assistant, running Aliexpress dropshipping on the WooCommerce storefront becomes a simple and organized process. So you may greatly benefit from using different tools while managing an online shop and concentrating your efforts on more important objectives, like conversion rate growth and profit generation.


If you want to sell different products on the website, choosing Etsy AliExpress dropshipping is not a perfect decision. Sellers should create or design all items themselves - that’s the platform’s strict rule. But the stuff offered by AliExpress isn’t mainly handmade. Instead, it is mass-produced to offer low prices for buyers worldwide.

The only way to organize Etsy dropshipping is to find a POD supplier to make customized stuff for your store. Still, you should ensure vendors place their companies’ names with your brand’s one on packages they ship to customers.

One more option is to build an AliExpress dropshipping with an Etsy site. You can sell craft supplies that are not forbidden by the platform policy. These materials and tools are used for creating handmade products and don’t represent ready-to-wear solutions like blank clothes or boots.

So AliExpress allows entrepreneurs to sell goods on popular digital platforms with automated tools integration. You can open an online shop and sell any category of items or give preference to a specialized niche for vending handmade crafts.

how to do aliexpress dropshipping

How does the Alibaba platform differ from AliExpress?

Although the Alibaba group owns both markets, their approaches vary. Alibaba stands for a B2B model, providing wholesales directly from manufacturers. While AliExpress allows merching small numbers of items to the end customer.

Are there any other markets to work in China?

Yes, there are many AliExpress alternatives for dropshipping business in 2023. Thus, you can partner DHgate, Banggood, Taobao, DX, SaleHoo, and other suppliers to list and sell trendy Chinese products to your clients.

Which one to choose in 2023: Alibaba vs. AliExpress dropshipping

It depends on the business model you’ll provide (B2B or B2C). For example, consider using Alibaba for private labeling and wholesaling. And if you don’t want to be limited by a minimum product quantity, then AliExpress is a good choice for e-Commerce startups.

AliExpress's dropshipping business model allows new entrepreneurs to fill their internet shops with stylish goods at low prices. Most advanced platforms, like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Etsy, provide an opportunity to import items from Chinese providers. With a quick automated update, you’ll make the best quality-price proposition to clients and increase margin, spending less money.

With an ePacket delivery, you’ll ship orders from China at a cheap cost within 7-14 days, offering a unique product ahead of competitors. Being an AliExpress dropshipper, you’ll establish long, solid relationships with market suppliers, widen your product range, attract a new audience and bring your ambitious entrepreneurial ideas to life.

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