10 Best Shopify T-Shirt Stores: a Reference and an Inspiration

Distribution of T-shirts can be a very good investment, and Shopify is a promising place for it. Experts predict that this year the revenue in this clothing segment will exceed $43.4 billion, and by 2026, about 8 billion T-shirts will be sold worldwide! Moreover, a significant part will be sold through online platforms running on a framework known for its simplicity and convenience for beginners.

At PoDZa, we know exactly how to promote a t-shirt business because we have accumulated experience with Shopify print-on-demand for years. We have something to tell and show you. Use examples of the most popular projects on this platform and create your own brand that would stand out from the crowd.Selling T-Shirts on Shopify: Best for the Best

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In the field of eCommerce, Shopify is rightfully considered one of the most popular platforms. This is evidenced by confirmed facts: sales volumes that reach $200 billion and more than 1.7 million sites running from 175 countries. In the US alone, over 840,000 stores are successfully taking advantage of unparalleled value brought to the table by Shopify.

If you also want to join this community, study the experience of professionals. If you already have a successful business, be sure to keep abreast of what your competitors are doing. Especially for you, we present the top ten most profitable businesses providing t-shirts on Shopify that deserve closer attention.

Best T-Shirt Printing Methods

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Factory 43


The Organic T-shirt





Think Pup



Store owners are confident that their work will allow the buyer to demonstrate their individuality. From the first acquaintance with the site, you begin to understand that this is really so. Your confidence grows as you explore the variety of unique offerings. It seems that there are simply no such universal male models anywhere else and cannot be.

The assortment includes a lot of interesting collections, although it is not updated often. Everything is very simple. It is absolutely not required for products of such high quality. Easy navigation and flawless search further emphasize the brand's identity. Shirtwascash has a great community to help select new designs in a friendly and trusting environment. This is an interest club, not just one of the best t-shirts Shopify shops!


Once at the home page, the visitor immediately understands that he/she is dealing with one of the best Shopify stores specializing in t-shirts. The exceptional sense of humor that we encounter points to the cool work of a young at heart professional team.

A well-designed template allows animated graphics to speak loudly about the benefits and touch the legacy of a strong brand. Despite the small variety of proposals, their design immediately attracts attention. A well-made image gallery makes it possible to compare options on real people. A simple page layout, crisp images, and an Instagram feed make it easy to find the best model quickly.

factory 43

If you really want one of the best t-shirt Shopify website examples, be sure to check out this project. Its design is simple, but the site is distinguished by an individual corporate identity and a large selection of inexpensive but high-quality offers. TextualTees really knows how to sell, as you can see when you start to study the assortment, prices, and conditions.

The site has a lot of collections that can cheer up any company, not just adherents of pop culture. Following the latest trends is clearly visible here, and navigation and search are incredibly easy. 


This popular t-shirts Shopify store uses 100% organic cotton for their t-shirts, which is a rarity these days. However, it’s not popular because of this.

The site vividly demonstrates how a brand's identity is influenced by high-quality photography, well-chosen advertising epithets and demonstrations of environmental certificates.

The design is natural and functional, although it looks simple. But you can't get away from it. The thing is that it is facing the client. And this reflects the whole essence of a unique initiative with high social responsibility.

the organic t-shirt

Daily exclusives, the latest collections - it's all about TeeFury. Well, almost everything. It is unlike other trending Shopify t-shirt stores, as it was founded by artists who update designs daily. Interestingly, customers manage the catalog by voting for the return of unsold models to the sale. Using FOMO psychology allows you to successfully promote products. And yet, designs related to parody and pop culture are definitely worth seeing with your own eyes.


Everyone who enters here immediately sees the strong brand identity and the right choice of niche. One of the best Shopify t-shirt store examples offers t-shirts with witty full-length 3D prints. They are so funny that it is impossible to contain laughter. They are so interesting that you can look at them endlessly. It is easy to pick up a daily outfit or a gift here. A gallery with photos of real buyers, well-read text and high detailing of pictures make it easy to find the thing of interest.


Perhaps you have exciting matured design ideas? Not for business, for yourself and loved ones. If so, the best online t-shirts store in Italy is at your service. Send them a photo or drawing, and the Venetian masters will create a masterpiece based on your reference. Your T-shirt will be 100% unique and made in Italy. The Facebook community will help you get even more creative. It doesn’t matter whether you speak Italian because there are no barriers to true creativity.


It's unlikely that you'll find this one in Shopify t-shirt shops business reviews. But you should check this site out if you intend to give life to a casual clothes-focused business. Each model is developed by talented artists. They print exactly what is ordered, using the highest quality materials and offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. On the virtual storefront, the emphasis is on the offer, so choosing the right one is not at all difficult. Well, if you don't like it, you can definitely get your money back.


This shopify t-shirt shop`s theme is about our best friends - lovely pets. The site, of course, is created for people. But with a feeling of great love for pets. This is almost the only place where you can buy quality models with prints that identify puppy owners. It is also an amazing example of building a huge customer base in a single niche.

Not a single popular breed is missed here. There is a nice blog and a well-combed Instagram feed. And, most importantly, clothes that dog owners will wear with pride!


Spreadshirt deservedly ranks high among the top t-shirt Shopify stores. There are few places where this is available, but here you can show your design talent. A website with a fairly simple interface allows you to design t-shirts online, placing not only prints on them, but anything you want. The process is absolutely hassle-free even for beginners. Don't want to do this? You can choose a model created by another buyer or a professional designer. Either way, it will be unique!

The brand is well represented on popular social platforms. Products successfully show beautiful Instagram feed and more than 100 Youtube videos.


Best Shopify Dropshipping Stores for Inspiration

Why is Shopify so good? Over 100 templates, multi-channel trading, more than 2,000 built-in applications, and 24/7 support. If you think that you lack creativity at the moment, you have the opportunity to buy a ready-made design and reproduce a successful solution on your T-shirts many times. Just don't get carried away copying other people's ideas. Create your own, authentic solutions induced with your own charisma, and then you will certainly achieve success.

If necessary, PodZa fulfillment services professionals will help you effectively develop your business using up-to-date methods. We are one of the leading PoD Shopify integration service providers. Contact us today so that we could significantly increase your order fulfillment rates along with profits tomorrow.

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