TOP Ways ChatGPT Can Help You to Develop a Print on Demand Business in 2024

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Whether you are an artist, a creator, or a vendor who wants to profit from unique design ideas, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) may help a POD company to succeed in the market. Organizations that aim to improve their efficiency and boost clients’ engagement widely use such AI-powered tools as ChatGPT. Incorporating machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), it assists online stores in different ways, such as managing customers' questions, generating emails, and creating relevant content. Trained on large databases, this valuable asset can recognize and compile human-like texts to any query.

In our guide, we’ll learn how you can use open AI ChatGPT in POD and activate all the possibilities of this powerful model.

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Why should I start using chat GPT in my POD business?

5 proven ways to use ChatGPT

How can ChatGPT help grow your print business?


The POD industry continues to gain momentum and does not plan to lose ground in the next few years. One of the key factors of print on demand global growth lies in the development of various e-commerce platforms and the increased use of social media channels for promotional campaigns. All this made it easier to reach a wider audience and popularize custom products for small businesses. Accounted for $6.2 billion in 2022, the size of the POD sector is projected to grow by $59.3 billion in 2032. So, it will involve more entrepreneurs and content makers looking to monetize creativity and increase the competition.

Innovations in AI technology become indispensable assets for companies that want to stand out among rivals, generate outstanding POD design ideas, and engage users. So, for those wondering: “Can ChatGPT help me start a business?” we give a comprehensive answer on how this language model can benefit brands.

Customer support optimization

Entrepreneurs may lack the resources to respond to every buyer's query. This issue can be crucial when it comes to sales growth. If your potential clients don’t receive answers about shipping or ordering in time, they can simply leave your item in the cart unpaid, turning to a more communicative seller. 

Then, how can you use ChatGPT for business growth and make client service more efficient? You can train a digital assistant on the most common questions and related answers. AI-powered tools will automate responses to typical queries, saving you resources and contributing to the client’s loyalty.

Order processing

Utilizing ChatGPT for online shopping in your business system can streamline basic operations within your digital store. This model will help users to track orders automatically and update information about their current statuses. Clients only have to place the number of purchases in the appropriate field and get an instant response.

Design ideas development

If you are looking for the most relevant and trending ideas for your POD production, you may gain support from the virtual assistant. Acting like a professional partner, the tool will help you pick the most relevant insights based on your ChatGPT prompting guide.

For instance, you may ask the software to pick animal-themed designs for the winter holiday season. Include more details in the query: product concept, type, target audience, etc. Your inquiry may look this way: “Sustainable Christmas socks with black cats for children.” The more information you give the AI advisor, the more accurate design ideas you’ll get. 

ChatGPT will use its vast databases to offer many available options. Later, you may edit these variations to match the brands’ values and customers’ preferences.

Creating personalized suggestions

Training a language model to analyze customers’ purchases, browsing behavior, and interests will help you suggest tailored recommendations. That, in turn, will positively impact sales volumes. Online shop visitors will be redirected to listings that align with their preferences which significantly increase the chance of completing purchases.

Developing promotions

Can you use ChatGPT for POD business advertisements? Definitely, yes. AI-based tools are vital for content generation and planning a successful marketing strategy. Prepare accurate prompts for the smart assistant, and you’ll receive eye-catching descriptions, blog article titles, and trendy media rubrics.

Testing and research

To sell print on demand online successfully, entrepreneurs should provide A/B testing on various stages of the process, including printed designs, brand slogans, and promotional campaign development. By understanding how to write good ChatGPT prompts, store owners may receive multiple variations of their ideas, launch market research, and collect customer reviews. Check the results and use data analytics to optimize the POD service for the best outcomes.

While ChatGPT can be an essential tool for scaling the printing shop, it still requires human interruption. Thus, vendors should review and correct the model’s outputs to ensure it delivers a positive user experience and satisfies the brand's philosophy and ethical standards.

To receive the best ChatGPT prompts to boost your business in 2024, you should constantly train an open AI tool in the specific context. It will help the virtual assistant delve into your company's requirements and pick the most relevant solutions.

Visit and utilize the conversation-based model in your e-commerce store for free. If you learn how to use the AI tool effectively, apply ChatGPT prompts for POD, grow sales, and boost productivity. The software works very simply. You may type requests right on the main page and receive answers within a few seconds. Yet, to truly discover the power of the language model, get familiar with its basic principles and capabilities.

No inappropriate requests

One of the sensational characteristics of ChatGPT prompts for business analysis and marketing is an absence of discriminatory phrases or other data that doesn’t comply with its ethical guidelines. The tool refuses to entertain inappropriate inputs that require producing harmful texts, including bias and stereotypes, fake news, propaganda, etc. It also replies in a friendly conversational tone, avoiding toxic or aggressive phrases, which makes it a perfect software for building customer trust.

Remember the past conversation

A trained model can create new replicas based on previous users’ phrases. That’s why ChatGPT prompts may be beneficial for business productivity. While the tool uses the existing database to build content, it constantly evolves, collecting new data from all the launched conversations. That is, the more details relative to your brand’s products, identity, and policies you put into requests, the better the following answers are.

Implement human oversight 

All the AI tools, including top ChatGPT alternatives like Bard or Claude, can still make mistakes. That’s why it’s crucial to check texts generated by the software, especially when you write historical or statistical facts. Despite such occasional incorrectness, virtual assistant greatly reduces the time required for creating content compared to writing it manually.

Queries decide the quality

One of the crucial things POD store owners should learn is how to write ChatGPT prompts to get a comprehensive response. Generated content highly depends on query accuracy. The more data you include in a request, the better the quality of the answer you’ll receive. 

Suppose you want to create descriptions for book printing services on several marketplaces. The basic information you should highlight in your query should include the word count, key phrases, your brand’s name, slogan, philosophy, and a set of available website features, like design mockups, paper type, printing methods, etc. 

It may take a few tries before you get a desired response. However, by understanding which prompts give better results, you can quickly adapt them for various situations and expected outcomes.

Keep up with updates and developments

Although ChatGPT is a relatively new tool launched by Open AI, the US artificial intelligence research organization, in November 2022, it is constantly improving. Developers make in-time changes relying on customers’ reviews and the latest technological innovations. So your business should stay up-to-date and use the newest software versions (currently, v.3.5 and 4 are already available) with advanced features for generating the most reliable responses.

The possibilities of a virtual AI-based assistant are almost unlimited. It provides ready-to-use solutions that help sellers cope with daily issues following simple principles. Remarkably, POD online stores also can benefit from this tool. Its human-like language processing capabilities offer a unique opportunity to improve and optimize e-commerce workflows. Here, we compiled a list of ChatGPT tips and tricks for POD, which may help you make the most of the entrepreneurial activity.

Gains valuable insights

AI-based tools may assist you in defining common patterns and trends in customers’ behavior and preferences. This data is irreplaceable for deciding product attributes, website features, and marketing efforts. Moreover, if you lack ideas in designing your prints, ChatGPT can create dozens of possible solutions you’re free to implement into actual items.

Ensures seamless connection

ChatGPT prompts for a business name can enhance response time and improve customer experience. Simply integrate the tool with chat and voice bots and respond to users' queries within several seconds after they write a question. Along with real-time support, ChatGPT also gathers feedback, which you may utilize for service improvement later.

Improves conversion

AI-powered technology can create a more personalized user journey by analyzing input data and users’ interactions with the online store. As a result, individuals may receive tailored recommendations for their purchases, which significantly increase the conversion rate.

Boosts clients’ engagement and overall satisfaction

ChatGPT supports online users whenever they need it. Unlike a real manager, the tool is available 24/7. So even if the store visitors decide to know how much it will take to deliver their orders or calculate discounts for wholesale purchases, the chatbot will process the query even at night and generate a relevant answer. With such an approach, you will make your clients feel valued and contribute to building long-term relationships.

Workflow optimization

ChatGPT prompts are indispensable for starting a business from scratch as they help streamline daily routine, reduce the time spent completing simple but repeatable tasks, and free up hands to focus on more critical tasks. It automates order processing and tracking, handles customers’ queries, writes emails, compiles business reports, and much more. With a transparent and accurate prompt, ChatGPT can do every task in a human-like manner.

ChatGPT is undoubtedly a useful tool capable of assisting print on demand entrepreneurs in their growth and success. Incorporating this AI-powered asset into a POD store can revolutionize your daily workflows and enhance customer engagement. Language models offer a wide range of applications, from design inspiration to content creation, marketing, data analysis, and customer support automation. With a proper plan and execution, ChatGPT will unlock new possibilities in this rapidly evolving industry.

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