Top Profitable Holidays to Boost Print on Demand Business

It’s never too early to start preparing for the holiday season if you are running an e-commerce business. 

The approaching holidays increase the number of orders as well as the average order sizes. Holiday-themed products and various printed items become incredibly popular during the festive seasons, which makes holiday print on demand a sought-after service. However, to maximize your gains from these occasions you should be properly prepared.

The good news is that a print on demand fulfillment company can benefit practically from any holiday, whether it is an International Espresso Day or Christmas. However, to cut through the fierce competition, you should consider not only the most popular dates but also the less renowned ones, which can nevertheless arouse inspiration and fun.

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Selling Holidays Statistics

Most Profitable Holidays Print on Demand Businesses Can Benefit From

Wrapping up

Before we proceed to discuss the holidays important for print on demand business growth, let us discover some statistics as the evidence of tremendous selling opportunities offered by festive days.

During 2019-2020, e-commerce, in general, was facing a steady increase. Although many families decided to cut their expenses, the holiday shopping growth continues to take place. 

  • The average daily revenue in e-commerce grows by 13% during a holiday season in the U.S., while the growth of overall online retail constitutes only 4%;
  • Throughout the peak season, daily e-commerce sales make more than $1 billion. 
  • During the 29 days a year, daily sales exceed the impressive mark of $2 billion.
  • Cyber Monday is considered the largest online shopping day in America, with $10.8 billion spent in one day! Cyber Week sales hit $34.4 billion in 2020 (a 20.7% increase compared to 2019)
  • For the Labor Day, online shoppers spent $2.6 billion in 2020, which equals a 12% increase. 

Obviously, holidays are rewarding to e-commerce. Printed products fall under high demand during the peak seasons, and many organizations request even same day print on demand. Therefore, you should carefully plan your marketing efforts and prepare top selling print on demand products to boost your business.

Top Strategies to Successfully Sell your Print on Demand Merchandize Online

How to select the most appropriate holidays? Combine traditional dates with a blend of fun, inspirational, socially focused, or niche events and see which of them bring better fruits.

Winter holidays

  • December 13: Green Monday.

The day is celebrated on the second Monday of December and is one of the most popular retail shopping days.

  • Whom to address: Gift shoppers and retailers.
  • Why it suits: The approaching Christmas creates a feeling of urgency for many customers, which translates into increased online sales.
  • December 24-25: Christmas.

Christmas is one of the most significant religious and cultural holidays for billions of people worldwide.

  • Whom to address: Christians all over the world.
  • Why it suits: The holiday is being continually commercialized; however, you can still bring the warmth of family-focused ideas with your prints and marketing campaigns.
  • December 26: Boxing Day.

Many believe that the Boxing Day traditions date back to medieval times. It originated as a day to provide gifts to the poor. 

  • Whom to address: People in the countries historically linked with the UK. 
  • Why it suits: Boxing Day is known as a shopping holiday and the time to share gifts with family and friends. A nice occasion to develop sweet and kind designs. 
  • December 31 – January 1: New Year’s Eve and Day.

This first day is the day for social gatherings and massive celebrations. Businesses conduct special promotions beforehand; people prepare gifts for their families and friends.

  • Whom to address: People who follow the Gregorian calendar. 
  • Why it suits: Plenty of opportunities to offer holiday-themed products because of the sky-rocketing demand.
  • January 2: Science Fiction Day.

This date celebrates the most notable science fiction works including movies, books, comics, and games.

  • Whom to address: All Sci-Fi genre fans, publishing houses, businesses connected with TV and other media.  
  • Why it suits: Another opportunity to add some fun to the relations with your audience and explain how print on demand boosts e-commerce sales. Leverage interactive promos and offer holiday-themed printed items.
  • February 7: Super Bowl Sunday.

The culmination of a National Football League season. The sporting event of the year for numerous NFL fans. 

  • Whom to address: NFL fans, sports-related businesses. 
  • Why it suits: A host of opportunities to play around with the football theme.
  • February 14: St. Valentine’s Day.

A celebration of romance and love. 

  • Whom to address: People all over the world 
  • Why it suits: A chance to be romantically creative and develop ideas for a memorable customer experience.

Spring holidays

  • March 8: International Women’s Day.

The day marks women’s equality and recognizes their contributions to the world.

  • Whom to address: Socially concerned businesses and individuals 
  • Why it suits: The demand for a variety of themed gifts is high for the holiday
  • March 14: Mother’s Day.

In some countries, the day is celebrated in May, in others, such as the UK, – on March 14. 

  • Whom to address: All loving children regardless of age.
  • Why it suits: “Thank you” cards, accessories, and other items become popular gifts.
  • March 17: St. Patrick’s Day. 

A traditional Irish holiday that is usually marked with big parades and festivals. When do print on demand sell the most for St. Patrick’s Day? Well beforehand, since the day is passionately celebrated by those with Irish heritage. Your marketing efforts should start at least a month before the holiday.

  • Whom to address: People of Irish descent.
  • Why it suits: Only in the U.S. millions of people claim to have Irish heritage; hence the vast selling opportunities for the day. 
  • April 10-12: Easter.

A Christian religious holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The exact day varies, although it usually falls into the first half of April.

easter holiday
  • Whom to address: Christians all over the world.
  • Why it suits: Many businesses offer special deals for the day, as the Holiday involves lots of attributes, décor, apparel, and more.
  • April 22: Earth Day.
    • Whom to address: Environmentally concerned businesses and individuals.
    • Why it suits: Products and symbols that support the movement become popular for this occasion. 
  • May 31: National Smile Day.
    • Whom to address: Everyone who can smile.
    • Why it suits: This day, every item can become embellished with a smile – with your help!

Summer holidays

  • June 13: International Children’s Day.

The day is dedicated to the protection of children’s rights and the prevention of child labor use.

  • Whom to address: No limits.
  • Why it suits: A variety of options to support the holiday’s message with your print ideas.
  • July 4: The U.S. Independence Day.
    • Whom to address: Americans.
    • Why it suits: Many people and businesses would seek to implement US-themed designs for the day.
  • July 30: International Day of Friendship.

Originated by the UN, the day celebrates safety, harmony, and friendship, as opposed to everyday challenges and struggles.

  • Whom to address: Friends all over the world.
  • Why it suits: Many choose to share their kindness and warmth through personalized themed gifts.
  • August 26: International Dog Day.
    • Whom to address: Everyone who loves dogs, businesses that sell dog food and accessories.
    • Why it suits: With millions of dog lovers all over the world, themed items related to men’s best friends will be in demand. 

 Autumn holidays

  • September 6: National Labor Day.

A federal holiday in the U.S., the day marks the achievements of American workers.

  • Whom to address: Mostly Americans and Canadians.
  • Why it suits: Large public celebrations imply a host of holiday-themed merchandise and accessories.
  • September 18 – October 3: Oktoberfest.

The largest beer and folk festival in the world. It is traditionally held in Germany but has spread to other countries as well. 

  • Whom to address: All fans of Oktoberfest, restaurants, beer producers.
  • Why it suits: Prepare beer-themed designs and await orders for top selling print on demand products.
  • October 31: Halloween.

The holiday takes its roots in an ancient Celtic festival. However, today it’s a funny, mystically flavored celebration.

  • Whom to address: Western countries’ inhabitants.
  • Why it suits: Blend all your creativity and fun with the spooky stories to develop unique designs that would make your print on demand boost e-commerce sales for your clients.
  • November 23: National Espresso Day.
    • Whom to address: Coffee fans and those in coffee-related business
    • Why it suits: Who would refuse from holiday-themed coffee merchandise or accessories? 
  • November 25: Thanksgiving.

Originating as a harvest holiday, today, Thanksgiving is celebrated with families and friends to say thanks for the food they have.

  • Whom to address: Americans and those related to American culture.
  • Why it suits: When it’s time to say thank you to families and customers, it’s also the time for heartwarming gifts with meaningful prints.
  • November 26: Black Friday.

A big shopping day known for huge discounts and crazy deals.

  • Whom to address: Enthusiastic shoppers, retailers.
  • Why it suits: Think how you can creatively join and benefit from the shopping madness.
  • November 29: Cyber Monday.

The largest online shopping holiday.

  • Whom to address: E-commerce businesses.
  • Why it suits: Endless opportunities for holiday-themed items.

Print on Demand Success Stories for Motivation and POD Business Growth

As you can see, the holiday options are vast, and they offer tempting opportunities for a print on demand business. Therefore, you should select the most appropriate ones and set up the corresponding marketing strategy to boost your holidays print on demand service. Your primary focus in this regard should be made on two things: your own promo campaigns and a range of holiday-themed designs. So, get inspired, be creative, and have rewarding celebrations!   

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