E-commerce Holiday Calendar 2024. Plan Your Dropshipping Sale Efficiently!

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POD business provides dozens of opportunities for printing companies and dropshipping store owners to earn more revenue. While you may already have well-organized, stable, and profitable sales, annual events are an additional chance to announce your brand uniqueness and loyalty with special offerings. 

Our calendar for POD business is called up to help you pick the occasions which will better suit your company value and target audience. So take some free minutes to learn the details and prepare for maximizing gains.

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Trending products to sell online

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march holiday calendar

The first spring month brings joy and happiness, awakens new hopes and possibilities. Online customers search for fresh ideas and key dates to please themselves, friends, and relatives with a new outfit or an unexpected present. Use this time to learn clients’ wishes and satisfy their expectations. Here are the main events you can add to the e-commerce marketing calendar for March.

Oscar Day, March 10

Although the Academy Awards last only a few hours, the results will be discussed throughout the whole year. Be in trend and choose this opportunity to communicate with customers on social media or print the winners on your products.

Mother’s Day, March 10 in UK (May 12 in the US) 

This is the day when millions of sons and daughters of any age can share love and appreciation for their moms. Printed flowers, picturesque postcards, or pillows for “The Best Mother” can become a wonderful present.

St. Patrick’s Day, March 17

Shamrock here, shamrock there - it’s almost everywhere. Everybody wears green at a traditional Irish celebration. You can use this color and event symbol to personalize items for upcoming holiday sales.

Easter, March 31

Christians usually celebrate this holiday in the first half of the month. The exact date varies from year to year. Although it’s less commercial than Christmas, sellers can still suggest many brilliant decor, apparel, and accessories ideas to spice up the day.

april holiday calendar

The sun shines brighter, and the day becomes longer. Printing services have more light hours to create magic in their workspaces and impress buyers. And here are several reasons to do it.

National Sibling Day, April 10

Providing special gifts for sisters and brothers is a unique chance to highlight your product assortment among thousands of competitors. Besides, buyers can order a topical item on any other day of the year if you allow.

Earth Day, April 22

Show customers that you follow a sustainable business path and care about environmental protection. It’s worth talking to your audience about the importance of eco-friendliness and showcasing this movement in your stuff.

may holiday calendar

The e-commerce promotion calendar for dropshipping sales wouldn’t be empty on the last spring month. Here are events that help POD businesses to diversify their inventory.

National Space Day, May 3

Attract clients fond of science, engineering, math, and technology. You may use space-themed printed offerings, dedicated emojis, and backgrounds for your website to make the brand viral.

Eurovision Song Contest Finale, May 11

Gather all the music lovers around you and share news about the show through social platforms. Prepare dedicated goods for fans and be ready for a sleepless night.

National Smile Day, May 31

Perhaps, one of the easiest dropshipping holidays to customize stuff and establish TikTok challenges for clients. You can offer them to join a brand contest and upload their happy smiles on your media profile.

june holiday calendar

Summer begins and brings 92 days to create, have fun and enjoy life. Let’s look at celebrations you can share with customers in the content calendar for e-commerce.

National Doughnut Day, June 7

Sugary treats are loved by Homer Simpson and millions of people around the United States. Yes, you aren’t a bakery, but you still can offer sweet discounts and shiny vinyl-heat stickers to honor this date.

International Children’s Day, June 9

One of the possible variants to show your company support in protecting childhood is special offerings for dedicated apparel and a social media campaign.

Father’s Day, June 16

This date can take an honorary place in your holiday calendar for e-commerce sales. Open your soul to customers and write some remarkable stories related to the theme. 

july holiday calendar

Summer is in full swing, and you still can find dozens of options to amaze your audience. In addition to outdoor activities, traveling, sunbathing, and other topics, online sellers may follow trends in dropshipping for the holidays of 2023.

Independence Day, July 4

Generate the patriotic spirit ahead before the celebration. The time for family photos is coming, so you’re up for preparing US-themed apparel, national flags, and other dedicated stuff to bring Americans together.

World Chocolate Day, July 7

Cheer up your clients with sweet designs and discounts, share new recipes of chocolate cakes on your Instagram, or create affiliates with a confectioner. Your e-commerce promotional calendar will definitely benefit from this event because everyone loves choco.

UEFA Women’s Euro, July 20–October 20

POD entrepreneurs have three months to address sports lovers and profit from products associated with the 14th championship. T-shirts, caps, towels, and socks are the best to buy on holiday!

august holiday calendar

Summer is ending, so give a huge thanks for all the beautiful moments it gives and start preparing for a new educational season.

The first day of school (the date vary according to location)

Encourage all students who study and widen their horizons. Also, it’s worth mentioning vital teachers' efforts in sharing their knowledge with the young generation.

Photography Day, August 19

Offer a photo contest to customers as a part of your social media marketing in 2023. Describe rewards for winners or all the participants.

september holiday calendar

Probably, you’d go on vacations in the summer, and then it’s time to go back to work and continue filling up e-commerce calendars with all holidays. Let’s see what autumn gives us for thinking.

Labor Day, September 2

Every work must be rewarded. And you have an excellent chance to treat American employees with discounts to highlight their days and emphasize the importance of economic and social achievements.

National Video Games Day, September 8

A creative idea for Shopify dropshipping products that made money on holidays. Share your favorite multiplayer and ask customers which one they want to be printed on your items. Your attention will please a lot of gamers.

Oktoberfest, September 16–October 3

Being originated in Germany, this celebration has slowly spread worldwide and is highly supported by beer lovers. Add some themed stuff to your store shelves and suggest a nice restaurant to enjoy the fest as an example.

october holiday calendar

It’s getting cold, and the time comes to warm up the wardrobes with soft hoodies. Or maybe you better print some fresh mugs for a hot coffee? Let’s see what occasions can help your printing service generate sales.

World Teachers’ Day, October 5

Give creative ideas on how to greet teachers, and you can increase the list of loyal customers. Vendors will better learn and address the audience's pain points by offering them to share thoughts on their social accounts.

Halloween, October 31

All Americans celebrate the end of the harvest season and the coming winter. The retail holiday calendar 2023 is hard to imagine without this event. Pumpkins, spiders, bats, and ghosts are traditional printings for this grand occasion.

november holiday calendar

Leaves fall to the ground, and so your prices can do. It’s time to consider goods you may offer for seasonal sales and practical usage.

Thanksgiving, November 23

This is a day to be thankful for all you have with relatives and a special moment to reward clients for their loyalty. Meaningful and heartwarming printed products will be well-timed.

Black Friday, November 29

Your commercial holidays list is impossible without this shopping day if you want to make many sales and grow your income. It’s better to start preparing long before the event, define promotional stuff, and perhaps hire on-demand workers to cope with the sales volume.

december holiday calendar

The first winter month and the last one in 2023 to earn more revenue and begin retail holiday planning for the following year.

National Free Shipping Day, December 14

Established in 2008, this celebration is an excellent opportunity for businesses to get more orders by delivering thousands of packages for free. 

Christmas Eve, December 24–25

Billion Christians worldwide celebrate this religious and cultural holiday with families. Christmas is a time for miracles, lovely surprises, and heart-melting printed gifts.

New Year, December 31 - January 1

When it comes to social gatherings and meetings with old friends, the demand for event-associated apparel and gifts becomes overwhelming. New Year’s eve is a final business opportunity to improve sales on Amazon, eBay, or other marketplace and finish a year with a good margin.

If you are still thinking of what items to add to your detailed holiday calendar for the best outcome, welcome to the next chapter of this article.

sell trending products online using ecommerce calendar

Popular products for personalization by printed images have stayed the same for already several years. You can use Google Trends to determine bestsellers for an appropriate area or follow our editorial board recommendations:

  • T-shirts. Being a must-have for any wardrobe, these clothes have become essential to almost any outfit, including casual, classic, and home apparel.
  • Hoodies. A necessary thing for grown-ups and children on cold days can be customized to any holiday and used to create a family look.
  • Mugs. A universal gift for various events, from birthdays to corporate presents. There are never too many cups for tea and coffee lovers.
  • Bottles. Water is life, so this item is vital for any bag, be it for sports people, schoolchildren, or office workers.
  • Postcards. Many entrepreneurs who build small businesses would like to order printed cards to make their brands recognizable. So it’s a good item for promoting e-commerce calendars with all holidays.
  • Phone cases. Perfect stuff for creating event-related images and emphasizing the owner’s personality.
  • Home goods. Pillows, towels, bath items, and wall decor give printers a wide variety of ideas to turn into life.

Among other trendy products, POD companies may also consider candles, bags, items for pets, yoga mats and pants, etc. While you can always change the stuff to sell, one thing stays the same - the necessity to select a reliable business assistant. Let’s see how to do it right.

TOP Trending Print on Demand Products To Sell on Etsy

Developing a POD business on your own can be pretty successful and promising. Still, having a trustworthy partner will open new prospects and make you scale faster. Thus, collaboration with a dropshipper or several ones will help you to increase sales and gain stable traffic to the printer service. As a result, your company will earn more revenue and save time on following digital marketing trends and searching for new buyers. Instead, you may focus on equipment modernization, quality, and sustainability issues to ensure the best product offerings.

Hundreds of suppliers may want to order product customization from your company. But a few main criteria will help you choose the best:

  • Solid online presence. If a dropshipper has multiple selling channels, like a personal website, marketplace accounts, or social media profiles on Instagram or Facebook, the chances that you’ll get more orders are high enough.
  • Suitable prices. Customers will more likely choose items with average market price than buy the same product twice as expensive. So it’s worth discussing this issue before starting a partnership.
  • Clients’ reviews. Before collaborating with experienced sellers, examine their market reputation. It’s worth checking buyers' feedback about the level of store service and dropshipper communication skills.

Also, automation of order transferring from an online store to the printer is one of the keys to successful collaboration. With special software like Podza, a print-on-demand provider can organize and smoothly manage business processes. Sellers could connect to the POD application and automatically redirect orders from e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Etsy, etc. Such integrations positively impact business efficiency and revenue and indicate what an advanced POD company looks like.

podza print on demand platform

Every holiday is a green light for print-on-demand entrepreneurs to widen their brand recognition, attract traffic and grow profit. Picking up the right occasion to work on, business owners should consider local trends, rivals’ offerings, and customers’ wishes. Once you’ve finished decision-making, it’s time to start preparing ahead of time. 

You may develop an outstanding yearly e-commerce marketing calendar for 2023 and share it with clients via e-mail to ensure sales boosting. And, of course, you should consider additional assistance. Find a fair and responsible dropshipper to promote your holiday gifts and integrate automated software for streamlining business processes. With this set of run-ups, you’ll definitely go through a rewarding time for your company.

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