FIFA Panini Stickers, Cards, and Personalized Collections - Small Sticker Businesses Secrets of Success

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Collecting FIFA Panini sticker packs can be so fun! But what if you create them on your own, find dedicated customers, and start generating revenue? With some helpful information, modest investments, and a drop of passion, you may start a print on demand business from home. Let’s dive deeper into the details and define how to make personalized collections and succeed.

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What are Panini stickers?

What do you need to make a Panini stickers?

How to Print Custom Panini Stickers?

Learning from a well-known brand: PANINI S.P.A.


The history of Panini stickers started in 1961 when an Italian entrepreneur launched a family business selling his own figurine collections. Initially, the first examples were simple printed images dedicated to soccer players, which required glue to stick to the album. But in 1970, the company created adhesive surfaces for their cards.

Nowadays, the company assortment includes collections for the NBA, NFL, WWE, UFC, Disney, and more. Moreover, Panini creates exclusive promotional projects, printing labels and branded cards for other organizations on demand. If you are thinking of how to start a sticker business on Etsy, Shopify, or Amazon, we’ll describe how to do it from home.    

Some stickers can be made just for fun, unique decoration, and an excellent mood, while others may offer crucial health and safety information. Print customized labels to help other companies grow or sell products with a personal design to let the world know about your talents and creativity. Regardless of your objectives, you can create a reliable source of income from the comfort of your home. Let’s start learning small sticker business tips for beginners.

Find the right paper for your Panini stickers

The material used for printing DIY stickers consists of two sheets of paper. The design is transferred on the upper one, while the front sheet with adhesive backing allows users to peel it off and stick the card to the chosen surface.

Publishers can choose either ordinary paper or vinyl to complete their production. The first option is cheaper but has less durability and waterproofness. It is commonly suitable for items used indoors.

If you create stickers for outdoor usage, it's preferable to buy vinyl as it's more resistant to various weather conditions like rain, snow, and direct sun rays. Still, this material is more expensive.

You may also purchase pre-cut paper depending on the required shape: round, square, or oval. Cutting stickers manually may be time-consuming and complicated if you receive a large order. So, shaped printing materials are the best decision if you create brands’ logos or design standard phrases like “Thank you!” and similar. To clarify, a single FIFA World Cup 2022 Panini sticker album had 680 stickers. Just imagine if you had to cut them with scissors. And what if you had hundreds of orders? 

And one more thing to learn. The paper surface can be matte, glossy, or transparent. If you want a cheaper and standard solution with the ability to write on the stickers without smudging, then choosing the matte variant is worth it. For a more vibrant and shiny effect, you can buy glossy supplies. Clear paper allows to create a transparent background, so the product behind the tag will remain visible to customers.

Search for a budget and qualitative printer

Before browsing for the most suitable solution, let’s learn one important thing. Printers can use liquid ink or toner. You should decide which option will be better for your sticker business startup. Inkjet printers create better quality results, while laser devices with dry powder deliver cheaper cost per published page.

Both variants are good for printing at home. Still, you should ensure the available paper suits the chosen method. Due to the extra heat in the laser equipment, inappropriate sheets can melt, causing damage to the picture and the machine itself.

Here are some tips that will help you buy a suitable device:

  • Inkjet printers offer higher resolution, so images have better quality and visual attractiveness.
  • Choose sticker business equipment with at least 1200 dpi print resolution for producing on-demand stickers at home.
  • Usually, cheap devices with four or five-color cartridges, like Brother MFC- J497DW, are a standard choice for businesses that make custom tags. But if you want a more diverse palette, look at six or eight-cartridge models, like Canon IP8720 and Epson Surecolor P600.
  • Choose a laser printer if one of your sticker business ideas is to make white pictures on a dark background. It will cope with the task perfectly.

Download image editing software

Depending on your experience level and the design complexity, you may create images for the Panini sticker album in several ways. Microsoft Word will work fine for beginners who want to print plain text or copy ready-made designs into the document. But if you like to make an illustration from scratch, here are programs you can install and use for free:

  • Paint.NET. Being the upgraded version of a standard MS Paint, this software has an intuitive interface and a set of tools for creating and editing images. 
  • GIMP. Simple and understandable features, a customizable interface, and dozens of free plugins allow customers with modest artistic skills to create appealing and unique pictures for future stickers.
  • Photoshop Express. You can use this design software for print on demand from PCs and mobile gadgets. Although the free version doesn’t provide the complete set of features available in the paid one, it remains one of the popular tools for editing the existing images and drawing new ones for the Panini stickers. 
  • Krita. This professional open-source painting program may become your indispensable assistant in creating concept art, texture or matte images, comic-themed illustrations, as well as FIFA Panini stickers 2023.

Decide how you will cut printed stickers

As mentioned above, you may print all types of stickers on the pre-divided shaped paper. But if this option is not what you want, let’s consider cutting images manually. This method may be suitable for simple pictures and small amounts of orders. But cutting several dozens of photos with scissors doesn’t seem a wise solution for entrepreneurs who value their time and labor.

In this case, we recommend purchasing a special cutting machine, like Cricut Maker or Silhouette Portrait. These devices come with blades suitable for more than 50+ materials and apps that work on mobiles or laptops.

Start by preparing your design in the chosen program described in the previous chapter. You may test every option and pick up an editing tool that will be more convenient and easy for your case. Pay attention to the format of the saved file. It should be compatible with the printer settings. Otherwise, you won’t be able to open and publish it. The correct file extension can be chosen in the graphic editor. Usually, it’s .jpeg or .png. You may also apply converters to change the file format. Still, be aware of changes in print quality.

Some creators want to draw images by hand. If you are going to design stickers with pencil or ink, you should do the following:

  • Digitize the picture with a scanner.
  • Isolate certain parts of the design in the editing software.
  • Add an outline above the original lines to emphasize vital details.

Printer preparation

If you already have the supplies needed to start a sticker business, check whether your printer can be used for making tags before investing in a new device. Commonly, standard inkjet machines handle well with customized tags. But you can always check it in the documentation. “Labels” is usually the right option, which ensures you may print Panini.

Adjust your pages and place as many stickers as possible to save on materials. But you should leave enough space for cutting between each repetition.

Before making a series of printed stickers, run a single trial. Check the quality and positioning. You may need to make some changes in settings, for example, color palette or dimension. Quality matters. If FIFA Panini stickers 2022 were poorly designed, they would hardly be popular among millions of buyers. So, if you want to attract more clients to your service, test your labels until you get the best result.

Some creators add laminating sheets to their printed images to increase water resistance. They typically have a backing you need to pull off, line up with a sticker sheet, and place it above. Alternatively, you may also use acrylic spray, which provides the same effect.

Finally, when your printed pages are ready, divide the stickers with scissors or put them in the Cricut Maker. 

fifa panini stickers

The FIFA World Cup sticker book with hundreds of football players is one of the most famous Panini S.P.A products, which is loved and welcomed by millions of customers worldwide. Italian manufacturer of collectors' items has printed over 8 million stickers in 21 days just to please soccer fans during the 2016 Championship. 

To fill the book with images of Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, and others, customers should purchase a magazine with empty slots and collect 680 unique pictures. But they couldn’t simply buy a required image. FIFA Panini stickers were sold in packets of five. So, according to the research of Professor Ehrhard Behrends from Berlin's Free University, collectors should buy around 4805 stickers to fill their albums. Quite a nice marketing practice from the manufacturer and a perfect opportunity to increase revenue, isn’t it?

But the football isn’t the only one theme Panini is dedicated to. The company accepts orders to create personalized sticker collections for families, college teams, etc. They also print labels for corporate goals. Many companies use Panini stickers to promote their brands during business events and conferences. So, as you see, this POD idea provides excellent chances to generate profit and develop your brand. 

But how much does it cost to start a sticker business? Your primary investments will be around $100 - $400 for a printer and $250 - $400 for a cutting machine. Other costs will include purchasing supplies, online store development, and marketing.

As we can conclude from our article, just about everyone can become a custom collections maker. In the simplest case, all you need to start a sticker business is a budget inkjet printer, a paper package, and Microsoft Word. You may begin with simple, plain texts on-demand published on pre-divided sheets. And move to more complex images when your sales volume grows. Find inspirations in the FIFA Panini sticker box examples and realize your own ideas. For more information on how to popularize your brand, read our guide on how to find clients for your POD store.

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