Get ready for the upcoming fall: use Amazon magic, try Shopify collabs, find Etsy coupon code 2023, discover Printify

Autumn has set in. That means not only the weather and mood are changing. It’s time to explore some news in the world of sales and think of your seasonal business offerings and improvements. Prepare your e-commerce store for the upcoming fall holidays. There are so many trends to follow, so check this guide to know how your print on demand store can go viral, refresh the flow of clients, and gain more revenue. 

Later in the article, we’ll unveil such topics:

  • Methods of increasing the number of reviews.
  • How to get Etsy coupon codes to generate more traffic? 
  • Top Black-owned businesses and how to become one of them? 
  • Shopify Collabs review and its benefits for online sellers.
  • Seasonal sales and boosting revenue with Printify.

In a nutshell, let's dive into the world of dropshipping with Amazon, Etsy and Shopify!

Table of Contents

Amazon: Fight for honest reviews

Building a Black community on Amazon

Discover print on demand products with Shopify Collabs

Bolster small businesses with Etsy coupon 2023

Printify dropshipping 2023 seasonal campaign


Amazon, one of the most successful marketplaces, faces the problem of fake reviews. They negatively impact the reputation of vendors and the website itself. Amazon's merch on-demand review program was first launched 25 years ago and remained a reliable source of data about online stores, manufacturers, and their products. However, in 2022, the platform blocked around 200 million inappropriate comments. Such a significant amount of fakes were driven by the appearance of illegitimate broker companies, which paid people to write fictional reviews on the platform.

Members of such illegal firms directly contact customers through their web pages or social media profiles and offer to write comments in exchange for money, free products, or other incentives. 

Currently, Amazon invests in an antifraud strategy, including machine learning and special tools called fake review checkers, for detecting unfair comments before publishing. The platform owners also filed two new lawsuits against PMNLWeb and ProAmazonService for their illegal activity. Thus, broker firms are incriminated in selling positive reviews for merchants’ accounts and removing negative ones from the product listing pages. Fraudsters target digital stores in the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Japan and other countries. Prices for their fake content start from $7.99 per task.

David Montague, Amazon’s vice president of Selling Partner Risk, calls this action an abuse and appeals for a zero-tolerance policy against illegal reviews. He emphasizes the necessity to provide the platform buyers with an actual customer experience and highly appreciates authentic feedback, both negative and positive. 

Then, how to increase product reviews on Amazon legally? Here are five simple steps to do it more efficiently:

  • Provide an excellent customer experience. Ensure your products are of great value and high quality. Buyers will appreciate giving you five stars. You’ll avoid negative comments if you’re honest about the stuff you’re selling. To avoid misunderstanding and false expectations, share the transparent approach to show information about your goods, including materials, instructions, sizes, and shipping costs.
  • Send emails after the order is made. How do Amazon sellers get so many reviews? They create personalized requests for customers to leave feedback after receiving a parcel. Amazon sends follow-up general notifications. But you can make them more attractive with tools like FeedbackFive or Feedback Express.
  • Regarding reviews through social media, many of your clients already follow you on Facebook or Instagram. You can remind them to leave comments on the platform to increase Amazon's sales rank on the Amazon marketplace.
  • Find users who have already commented on similar products. These can even be the clients of your competitors. All you need to do is click the reviewer’s name, copy the email, and connect them. If there’s no such information, you may try luck by searching for a user via social media.
  • Solicit the top Amazon reviewers. Check the list of the best critics on the platform and ask them for reliable feedback on your product. Other customers may probably be impressed with the comment one of the Top Ten Reviewers left.

We’ve figured out how to get reviews on Amazon in 2023. But you also should think of preventing competitors from leaving deceptive negative feedback. Here’s the list of popular tools you may effectively use to prove their reliability: AMZ Insight, AMZ Finder, and AMZ Tracker. These best Amazon review checkers help detect whether the comment is real and send notifications if you receive a mark under five stars.

The platform supports small Black-owned businesses on Amazon, allowing entrepreneurs to popularize their brands, explore new customer bases, learn, and scale. In 2021, the marketplace launched the Black Business Accelerator (BBA) to encourage African-American sellers to develop online stores and build thriving businesses with continuous support. 

The platform provides financial assistance for newly registered startups and ensures 3-year Sponsored Enhanced Digital Certifications for Black designers on Amazon. It also supports business education and coaching. With Amazon Small Business Academy (ASBA), entrepreneurs receive access to learning materials and monthly updated webinars that guide them on starting, selling, scaling, and succeeding. Free courses cover topics on hiring employees, providing an excellent customer experience, building strategies for spending and securing finances, and much more. 

Small companies can also use free credits and resources to showcase up to 50 products and increase brand exposure, following the Community Lending and Catalytic Capital programs.

As part of the Amazon Black History Month 2023 celebration, the marketplace has enhanced its Black is Remarkable store. At this destination, customers can learn more about the entrepreneurs’ success stories, shop, and find inspiration for personal achievements. 

Amazon provides excellent opportunities to drive sales and popularize print on demand businesses through Shopify Collabs influencers. You only need an operational online shop, software integration, and a desire for continuous improvement and development. With this affiliate marketing app, you can recruit creators to top up your product turnover and reach new audiences. 

How does Shopify Collabs work? This destination helps entrepreneurs find e-commerce influencers and ambassadors who can help them promote goods and raise brand awareness. Install a free program from the Shopify app store, customize your page to reflect your company's uniqueness better, and appeal to potential partners who would like to work with you. You may send invitations with perks& gifts directly to the chosen influencer or wait while someone contacts you through the Collabs network. You may set up commission rates, customize product images, and let your affiliates save and generate links without approval. With a few clicks, creators can instantly share your items and generate sales. 

How to use Shopify Collabs for maximum effectiveness and broader coverage? In your Collabs profile, write transparent and accurate information about what creators can get from working with you. Identify product categories, the primary audience of the brand, and countries you are ready to merchandise with. Connect social media accounts so that influencers and consumers can learn more about your brand's story and values. Add your Collabs profile to the digital store to increase visibility and find partners for collaboration! 

If you are looking for an effective method to gain more sales, advertise your product to a new audience, and increase retention, look at the Etsy coupon 2023. Discount offerings remain among the most popular and creative ways to stimulate purchases. Currently, online stores suggest unique propositions for their clients, including 2% up to 60% off on their items, free shipping, or “buy two get three.” Choose which option will better suit your brand and learn how to create an Etsy coupon code:

  • Go to the Shop Manager in your Etsy store settings.
  • Find Marketings → Sales and coupons.
  • Add + New special offer.
  • Choose the Create coupon option and fill out the details.

That’s it! You are ready to share the Etsy coupon code for the first order. Now, you should promote your amazing offer through as many marketing channels as possible. Place an attractive banner on the main page of your online store, advertise it on social media accounts, and send email notifications to your loyal customers.

With e-commerce peak season in the warehouse, print on demand companies can discover new opportunities for generating healthy revenue. Autumn is a season for launching back-to-school, World Teachers’ Day, Oktoberfest, and Halloween campaigns. Organizing Printify dropshipping on Amazon is a perfect solution for POD firms that want to boost their sales in the third quarter of 2023. Follow these steps to develop a successful seasonal proposition:

  1. Start your campaign on time. Prepare your goods, designs, stores, and promotions one month before the event to find potential customers and get more orders. You may partner with Shopify Collabs brand ambassadors to reach your target audience faster and attract new leads to the online store on time.
  2. Create unique product listings. Customize your main assortment to better suit buyers' expectations for the upcoming occasion. Diversify it with different colors, sizes, and prints. Add mockups to visualize your finished goods and provide the possibility to choose the suitable one.
  3. Update the storefront according to the seasonal event. Match the aesthetic by redesigning the interface of your shop, profile photos, and email notifications. Update your catalog listings for dropshipping with Printify and place the appropriate items at the top for better visualization and accessibility.
  4. Organize special deals. Consider different types of discounts, like percentage-based or cash-off, add free shipping, and last-minute deals. If you have multiple selling channels, like Shopify service, eBay, or Etsy, make them look consecutive with one-of-a-kind designs, advertisements, and brand logos.
  5. Offer Contests and Challenges. Think of how you can creatively provide Printify dropshipping print on demand for e-commerce. Photo and video contests with free prizes for the best customer reviews or a certain amount of products bought at your store may be a perfect idea for increasing your brand awareness this fall.

All the described methods may encourage return purchases and foster word-of-mouth advertising of your brand. Just find your niche, create an outstanding design, and consider Printify and Printful as your reliable dropshipping POD partner.

What incredible news for all the print on demand brands! Although 2023 is slightly ending, the e-commerce fall peak still seems far away, with fantastic autumn opportunities for scaling your business. Regardless of the e-commerce platform or marketplace you use to sell customized stuff, you may increase brand awareness, generate more sales, and discover new markets. 

Gain more positive reviews to make your products popular and receive Amazon seller rewards. Install Shopify Collabs for creators to promote your brand with the help of affiliates. Do you organize dropshipping through Etsy? Look at the special coupons that will make your offers more appealing to buyers. 

Black-owned businesses now receive support and broader possibilities for scaling. Just opt for the Amazon Black business badge and increase the discoverability of your brand in the marketplace and beyond.

Whether you are a startup or an experienced print on demand store, don’t miss the chance to popularize your products, preparing unique seasonal campaigns and challenges.

September 13, 2023
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